The Horological Journal

The Horological Journal

The Institute is proud of its Horological Journal, which is the oldest technical journal in the world and has been published without a break since September 1858.

A copy of HJ is sent to every member each month, and contains a wealth of news and information of interest to horology enthusiasts.

We try to maintain a good balance of articles in each issue, covering clocks, watches, turret clocks and electric timepieces in articles that may be theoretical, practical or both.

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August 2014 Digest

Hello and welcome to the August edition of the Horological Journal.

This month Alan Midleton bids a farewell in our Editorial 'The First Word', but is reluctant to call it his 'Last Word' as he is only semi-retiring- to the next room, the BHI library! As one of the greatest Horological libraries in the world, we hope to be seeing Alan around Upton Hall for many years to come.

The August HJ front cover displays a detailed look under the dial of a rare month-going longcase clock by English watchmaker John Arnold. The clock was built for the Royal Observatory Greenwich c1772 and is marked 'No. 1'. This piece was listed in Christie's London sale on 11 July 2914, and remains unsold.

Colin Fergusson MBHI reports on the conference which made horological history, 'Decoding Harrison',  highlighting speeches made by: Rory McEvoy, Andrew King, Philip Whyte, Roger Stevenson, Martin Dorsh, Jonathon Betts, Mervyn Hobden, Will Andrewes and Martin Burgees FBHI. Justin Koullapis also reports on the NMM's new exhibition 'Ships, Clocks and Stars, the Quest for Longitude' noting it to be one of the rare occasions in history that all five of John Harrison's sea going timekeepers have been exhibited together. Justin admires the exhibitions' examples of both archaic British workmanship and contemporary British craftmanship- providing an insight into Charles Frodsham and Co's reproduction of Harrison's H3.

August's HJ also features the work of Guy Gibbons MBHI, who offers an extensive explanation of 'Making a Jacot Tool Head for a Myford Lathe'. Mike Bundock MBHI tells the story of 'Margate's Re-Instated Time Ball Unveiled 125 Years after its Inauguration'. Finally, John Robey enlightens our view of French Clock Making by introducing a comprehensive review of 'A French 8- Day Posted- Frame Clock'.

This edition also hosts the first of a new occasional series, 'Meet the Student' in which students explain what motivates their passion in horology.

As usual, this month's HJ includes letters, branch reports, education news and much more.


Harriet Olivia, HJ Reporter

About HJ

The 'Letters' pages provide a great opportunity for discussion and debate, whilst 'Branch Reports' provide updates of local activities, and regular 'Bench Views' illustrate life from the bench of a clockmaker and a watchmaker.

Click here for our latest Article of the Month - a taste of what you can expect to see every month in HJ! Plus by special request the October Double Pendulum Clock article, and The First Correct Drawing of the Grasshopper Escapement Ever Published and CSM by Peter Hastings. Download the spreadsheet of Peter Hasting's graphical method.

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