The Horological Journal

The Horological Journal

The Institute is proud of its Horological Journal, which is the oldest technical journal in the world and has been published without a break since September 1858.

A copy of HJ is sent to every member each month, and contains a wealth of news and information of interest to horology enthusiasts.

We try to maintain a good balance of articles in each issue, covering clocks, watches, turret clocks and electric timepieces in articles that may be theoretical, practical or both.

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Hello and welcome to the June 2015 edition of Horological Journal.

This month we take a look at the newly-launched and long-awaited Apple watch. Although this is a break from the traditional mechanical watches that we usually favour in the pages of HJ, we felt the rise in the number of 'smart-watches', particularly at Baselword this year, was something which couldn't be ignored. Our Technical Editor Justin Koullapis reports on the latest craze.
Also in this month's edition, Peter Bill, takes us through the Restoration of a Silver Hunter - looking specifically at a 'Billodes' Zenith-Brand Pocket Watch. Malcolm Wild FBHI pulls together years of research to produce his article on Claude B Reeve, and Chris McKay FBHI writes about Conservation-Minded Turret Clock Work.
Colin Fergusson MBHI reports from the second Harrison Decoded Conference at Greenwich, and Guy Gibbons MBHI looks at the importance of click springs in his latest After the DLC. As always there are letters, news, branch reports, bench view, and the horological calendar to name but a few.
I will be moving on to pastures new in the middle of June (although I will be preparing the July issue before I leave) so this will be my last blog. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your support during my ten-year editorship.

Jayne Hall



About HJ

The 'Letters' pages provide a great opportunity for discussion and debate, whilst 'Branch Reports' provide updates of local activities, and regular 'Bench Views' illustrate life from the bench of a clockmaker and a watchmaker.

Click here for our latest Article of the Month - a taste of what you can expect to see every month in HJ! Plus by special request the October Double Pendulum Clock article, and The First Correct Drawing of the Grasshopper Escapement Ever Published and CSM by Peter Hastings. Download the spreadsheet of Peter Hasting's graphical method.

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