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17-19 April - Jim Arnfield’s D3: Servicing and Correcting Faults in a Single Train Clock Movement

25-26 April - John Murphy’s D4: Servicing and Correcting Faults in a Quartz Watch

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Established in 1858 to promote hEAL - EMTA Awards Limitedorology, the British Horological Institute's prime purpose today is to provide education.  Distance Learning Course Students may enter examinations leading to awards accredited by the Government regulatory body, OFQUAL, at Levels 3, 4 and 5. See our education page for more information. To find out what happened at the 2014 Awards, Education and New Members' Day, click here.

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Education and qualifications

From its very beginnings, the Institute has had an extremely proactive role in education, and it continues to encourage newcomers, students and professional alike to learn the enormous range of skills and knowledge required within the field of horology. 

Our examined syllabus sets high standards for the aspiring professional, but its various aspects can be learned through a range of options, which can be tailored to suit each individual's learning preferences and timescales, including full or part time courses at various colleges, distance learning and short courses.


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About the BHI

The British Horological Institute is a professional body created by the members, for the members, to further their interests. We aspire to be the natural home for all involved in horology, whether professionally or recreationally, and we will achieve this by:

  • Facilitating education and providing specialist training;
  • Setting recognised standards of excellence in workmanship and professional conduct;
  • Supporting our members in the furtherance of their horological aspirations.

We will provide a pleasant and safe working environment; and nurture, develop and empower our staff to support their delivery of our services. We will maintain, promote and develop our assets on behalf of our members.

A Motorised Burnishing Attachment for the Lathe

New stocks of the carbide pivot burnisher wheel, which is needed in the construction of 'A Motorised Burnishing Attachment for the Lathe', a Horological Journal series by Jim Arnfield FBHI, are now available. Follow the link to the Eternal Tools website to get drawings, pdf instructions and more information.