We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 64 Jun-22 192 Mr B W Warwick
Founder of Warwick’s Time Stamp Co. B
Vol 65 Sep-22 8 Mr F J Fleming
Coventry Manager of Messrs H Williamson Ltd B
Vol 65 Oct-22 35 Mr William Ehrhardt
Handsworth, Birmingham MD of Messrs William Ehrhardt Ltd B
Vol 65 Jan-23 95 Mr James Bruton
Clerkenwell Enamel Maker B
Vol 65 Feb-23 108 Mr Harry Edward Webb
Clerkenwell Founder of Rasmussen, Webb & Co B
Vol 65 Mar-23 130 Mr George Mills
Clerkenwell Watch & Clock Materials F
Vol 65 Apr-23 152 Mr James Haswell
Vice President of BHI B
Vol 65 Jun-23 194 Mr E H Bulley
London Watchmaker B
Vol 65 Aug-23 246 Colonel JPD Wheatley
Carlisle Worked at Wheatley & Son B
Vol 65 Aug-23 246 Mr A M Jacobs
Cross St, Hatton Garden, London Helped form the National Assoc. of Goldsmiths B
Vol 66 Dec-23 66 Mr A E Rutherford
London Manager of Charles Frodsham & Co Ltd F
Vol 66 Mar-24 121 Mr G C Dimier
Worked for Messrs Dimier Brothers & Co. F
Vol 66 Jul-24 207 Dr Robert Mullineux Walmsley
St John St, Clerkenwell Principal of Northampton Polytechnic Institute. F
Vol 66 Aug-24 241 Mr Frank Brook
7 Wellington St, Lindley, Huddersfield Inventor of Gledhill-Brooks Time Recorders F
Vol 67 Sep-24 13 Mr Edwin J Vokes
16 Milsom St Bath Watchmaker Jeweller Goldsmith F
Vol 67 Nov-24 46 Mr Alexander Hughes
Fenchurch St Barkingside Head of Henry Hughes & Sons Ltd B
Vol 67 Jan-25 90 Mr Louis H Borrell
Pentonville Watchmaker & Repairer B
Vol 67 Feb-25 104 Mr Robert Milne
South King St Manchester B
Vol 67 Apr-25 155 Mr E Hodge
Broadstairs Watchmaker B
Vol 67 Jul-25 197 Mr Alfred Thompson
Senior Partner in Vine & Thompson F
Vol 67 Jul-25 212 Mr Alfred Thompson
Senior Partner in Vine & Thompson F
Vol 68 Nov-25 65 Mr Arthur A Brigman
41 Cornhill English timepieces B
Vol 68 Feb-26 130 Mr Alfred Hill
45 Great Portland St Clocks B
Vol 68 Feb-26 131 Mr Edwin Pringle
Hendon Lane Fitchley R Pringle & Sons F
Vol 68 Jul-26 223 Mr Arthur William Webb
90 High St Islington Watch & Chronometer Maker B
Vol 69 Sep-26 18 Mr Julien Tripplin
London Rep of Messrs Rotherham & Sons M
Vol 69 Dec-26 80 Mr Alfred Gray
Newcastle-on-Tyne Chronometer & Electric Control F
Vol 69 Dec-26 80 Mr Charles Heap
Highbury BHI Council Member & Drawing Examiner F
Vol 69 Mar-27 153 Sir Geo. Greenhill
‘Staple Inn’ HJ Contributor ( mathematical articles) B
Vol 69 Apr-27 174 Mr John Stevenson
Aberdeen King's Clockmaker B
Vol 69 Aug-27 251 Mr Alfred Hirst
Oldham Founder of Hirst Bros & Co Ltd B
Vol 70 Sep-27 8 Mr Daniel Buckney
Old Broad St Watch & Chronometer maker F
Vol 70 Nov-27 55 Mr WTH Cooke
Birmingham Clock Dials, Name-plates Sun-dials B
Vol 70 Jan-28 84 Mr William Richard Corke
Chislehurst Watch Dial Maker Silversmith F
Vol 70 Jan-28 89 Mr William Sexton
Allesley Old Rd Coventry Gold Watch Case Manufacturer F
Vol 70 Jun-28 189 Mr James Mumford
Percival St London Wheel Cutter B
Vol 70 Jul-28 199 Mr Thos. Field
Aylesbury Founder of National Assoc. Goldsmiths B
Vol 70 Jul-28 199 Mr Wm Henry Field
Birmingham Founder of Constantine & Floyd B
Vol 70 Jul-28 199 Mr Henry Lawson
Lawson, Ward & Gammage Ltd B
Vol 70 Jul-28 199 Mr Nathan Ball
Leicester Clockmaker B
Vol 71 Oct-28 44 Mr Robert H Ingersoll
Denver, Colorado USA Invented the 'Dollar Watch' F
Vol 71 Oct-28 53 Mr Walkden
9 Sugar Lane Manchester Watch & Material Wholesaler B
Vol 71 Nov-28 82 Mr C H Proctor
High St Hucknall Nottingham Watchmaker & Jeweller B
Vol 71 Nov-28 83 Mr E N Butler
Manager of Messrs Baume & Co B
Vol 71 Jan-29 127 Mr William Horne
The Market-Place Leyburn Clockmaker F
Vol 71 May-29 227 Mr Robert Benson North
Watford North’s Speedometer & Magneto Works F
Vol 72 Jan-30 90 Mr J E Ranns
Leeds HJ Contributor F
Vol 72 Feb-30 120 Mr E H Horstmann
Bath Sec. & Joint MD of The Horstmann Gear Co. Ltd B
Vol 72 Aug-30 226 Mr W N Barber
Coventry Teacher of Horology at Cov. Technical Institute. B
Vol 72 Aug-30 226 Mr Albert Roberts
Lever Pallet Maker B