We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 56 Jul-14 179 Mr John Mason
36 High St Rotherham Jeweller B
Vol 57 Nov-14 39 Mr W C Black
Buenos Aires Watch & Clockmaker B
Vol 57 Nov-14 39 Mr J B Lee
Northampton Square Watch Case Springer & Polisher B
Vol 57 Dec-14 50 Dr W Fennell McCarthy
Vol 57 Feb-15 80 Mr J A Clemence
Surbiton Watchmaker F
Vol 57 Mar-15 93 Mr Henry Phillips Palmer
Worcester B
Vol 57 Mar-15 99 Mr William Willett
Chislehurst Builder F
Vol 57 Apr-15 114 Sir John Edward Bingham
Sheffield Electro Plate Industry F
Vol 58 Sep-15 7 Mr John W Meader
Clock Winder B
Vol 58 Nov-15 35 Mr John Hopkins
Albany Terrace, The Butts, Coventry Watch Making Tools F
Vol 58 Dec-15 54 Mr T R Ayres
Northampton Square, Clerkenwell Owned T R Ayres & Son B
Vol 58 Dec-15 54 Mr R Griggs
Architect to C & W Asylum B
Vol 58 Jun-16 133 Mr Christopher Rowlands
Smith St, Clerkenwell Watch Case Maker B
Vol 58 Jun-16 135 Corporal A Keene
Watchmaker B
Vol 58 Aug-16 160 Mr John Dyson
Briggate, Leeds Watchmaker B
Vol 59 Oct-16 23 Mr C H E Croydon
Tavern St, Ipswich B
Vol 59 Nov-16 33 Mr Arthur Anderson Johnston
Croydon Clockmaker & Bell Founder B
Vol 59 Dec-16 48 Mr John Adams
Coventry Watch Manufacturer B
Vol 59 Jan-17 52 Mr William Ellis
Vol 59 Jan-17 53 Mr T H Richards
North Main St, Wexford B
Vol 59 Feb-17 72 Mr Harry Shorter
Escapement Maker B
Vol 59 Mar-17 82 Mr James Hood
Clerkenwell Chronograph, Watch & Chronometer M
Vol 59 Mar-17 83 Mr William Gooding
Coventry B
Vol 59 May-17 107 Charles Bacon
37 Gerrard St, Islington Escapement Maker B
Vol 59 Jul-17 127 Mr Robert Waddington
Coventry Watch Manufacturer B
Vol 60 Sep-17 12 Mr Edwin Desbois
Brownlow St Watch Finisher, Hon. Treasurer of BHI
Vol 60 Sep-17 14 Mr Edmund T Cotton
7 Percival St Clerkenwell Main Spring & Material Dealer F
Vol 60 Feb-18 60 Mr James John Stockall
50 Ferne Park Rd, Stroud Green London F
Vol 60 Jun-18 112 Mr T G Woods senr
54 Spencer St Clerkenwell Chronometer & Jeweller B
Vol 60 Jun-18 113 Mr John Hoch
Brixton Turret Clock & Watch Maker B
Vol 60 Aug-18 130 Mr James Bray
Cheapside Repairer F
Vol 60 Aug-18 137 Sir Robert Inches
Edinburgh Clockmaker to the King & Jeweller B
Vol 60 Aug-18 138 Mr J V Poole
Clerkenwell Watch & Chronometer Manufacturer B
Vol 61 Oct-18 18 Mr George Beale Beasley
Great Sutton St Clerkenwell Watch & Chronometer Hand Maker F
Vol 61 Oct-18 19 Mr A E Thoermer
Coventry Watchmaker B
Vol 61 Oct-61 19 Mr Lewis Donne
6 Birchin Lane Chronometer Maker B
Vol 61 Nov-18 28 Mr H C Overall
Clerk to Clockmakers Co. B
Vol 61 Jan-19 60 Mr Evan Roberts
27 Crescent Grove, Clapham Dealt & Collected Watches F
Vol 61 Feb-19 64 Mr Thomas J P Hewitt
Spencer St & City Rd Marine Chronometer Maker F
Vol 61 May-19 97 Mr Richard Wright Cole
Vice President of BHI F
Vol 61 May-19 103 Mr Thomas Pearce
Bourne, Lincs Watchmaker & Jeweller B
Vol 61 Jun-19 112 Abraham Mead
Marine Chronometer Maker B
Vol 62 Sep-19 6 Mr John Llewellyn
Percival St Clerkenwell Watch Manufacturer F
Vol 62 Sep-19 7 Mr Henry Julius Hallpike
Bexhill Watches B
Vol 62 Dec-19 46 Mr Charles Hector Golay
Clerkenwell High Class Watchmaker B
Vol 63 Sep-20 199 Professor John Perry
Lecturer for BHI B
Vol 63 Oct-20 14 Mr M Jones
Rep of W Potter & Sons Ltd B
Vol 63 Oct-20 14 Mr E G Allen
Editor of Jeweller & Metalworker B
Vol 63 Mar-21 105 Mr Thomas Buggins
Clerkenwell Clockmaker B
Vol 64 May-22 170 Mr Samuel Lyon
Blackpool Silversmith & Jeweller B