We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 49 Nov-1906 41 Mr Richard Doke
Windleshaw Prescot Chronograph movements & wheels F
Vol 49 Dec-1906 59 Richard Atkins
31 Northampton Square Engraver & engine turner B
Vol 49 May-1907 145 Mr Charles Dunn
Clerkenwell Watch Manufacturer F
Vol 49 Jul-1907 178 Mr Robert Pringle
40 Clerkenwell Road Head of R Pringle & Son B
Vol 50 Feb-08 98 Mr James Crewe
Antique Clocks & Watches F
Vol 50 Apr-08 130 Mr George Girdwood
Union St Aberdeen B
Vol 50 Apr-08 130 Mr Alfred Jolly
New Bond St Worked at Charles Frodsham Ltd B
Vol 50 Apr-08 131 Mr Phillip Woodman
Smith St Clerkenwell Watch Case Manufacturer F
Vol 50 Aug-08 220 E F Ashley
Garnault Place Watch Manufacturer F
Vol 51 Dec-08 60 Mr F J Langford
Newcastle-on-Tyne Electric Clocks B
Vol 51 Jan-09 76 Mr William Douglas
Myddelton St Springer & Polisher B
Vol 51 Feb-09 92 Mr Andrew Taylor
Clapham Watchmaker B
Vol 51 Jun-09 161 Mr W J Shaw
237 Chesterfield Rd Sheffield Pres. Of Sheffield & District Jewellers Assoc. B
Vol 52 Sep-09 13 Mr William Ford Stanley
South Norwood Optician B
Vol 52 Oct-09 21 Mr John Jones
Manor House Send Green Surrey Founder of BHI M
Vol 52 Dec-09 64 Ami Jaccard
26 Percival St Clerkenwell Master Watchmaker F
Vol 52 Mar-10 115 Mr Clifford Lupton
Vol 52 Apr-10 122 Mr Fred J Whytock
High St Dundee Watchmaker & Jeweller B
Vol 52 Jun-10 157 Mr David Pugh FBHI
Cemmes Rd Watchmaker & Jeweller F
Vol 52 Jul-10 183 Senator Schiaporelli
Milan, Italy Astronomer F
Vol 53 Sep-10 10 Mr Alfred Wigley
Wellington Rd Edgbaston Watch-case component part maker B
Vol 53 Feb-11 93 Mr F Kilbey FBHI
Cheltenham B
Vol 53 Mar-11 100 Mr William Bailey
10 Essex St Strand WC B
Vol 53 Apr-11 120 Mr J L Cocker
Merthyr B
Vol 53 Apr-11 120 Mr John Foulkes Lowe
Jeweller B
Vol 53 Jul-11 163 Mr Joseph Walton
7 Upper Charles St Clerkenwell Gold & Silver Watch-case maker B
Vol 54 Sep-11 16 Mr James F Kendall
106 Cheapside Author & Partner in Kendall & Dent B
Vol 54 Oct-11 26 Mr G B Lowe
Chester Jeweller B
Vol 54 Nov-11 45 Mr George Frederick Price
186 Stockwell Rd SW Watchmaker & Jeweller F
Vol 54 Jan-12 75 Mr David Glasgow
Myddelton Sq Clockmaker F
Vol 54 Jan-12 77 Mr Edward Roberts
Bedford B
Vol 54 Feb-12 95 Mr Thomas Schmith
Aarhuus Denmark Clockmaker F
Vol 54 Jul-12 167 Mr Edward Thomas Parr
1 New Cavendish St Portland Place Watch Trade F
Vol 55 Sep-12 20 Mr James Pitkin
56 Red Lion St Clerkenwell Aneroid Barometer Maker B
Vol 55 Oct-12 29 Mr Henry Whitson
Manager of Watch Dept. B
Vol 55 Oct-12 29 Henry Frank Style
The Octagon, Milson St, Bath Watchmaker & Repairer B
Vol 55 Nov-12 45 Mr Harry Tulloch
Dundee Jeweller B
Vol 55 Nov-12 45 Mr Edward George Denman
Old Charlton B
Vol 55 Dec-12 68 Dr Siegmund Riefler
Munich Scientific Instrument Maker F
Vol 55 Feb-13 98 Mr Arthur Jannings
The Butter Market, Ipswich B
Vol 55 Feb-13 98 Mr Frederick Bramwell
Fishergate, Preston Jeweller B
Vol 55 Apr-13 131 Mr George Tansley
11 Walsgrove Rd, Coventry Watch Manufacturer F
Vol 55 May-13 133 Mr Frederick James Britten
Westcliff, Southend Secretary of BHI M
Vol 55 Jun-13 164 Mr James Gaze
385 Holloway Rd London B
Vol 55 Jun-13 164 Mr Thomas Foster
Ashton-under-Lyne B
Vol 56 Dec-13 59 Sir Robert Ball
Astronomer M
Vol 56 Feb-14 100 Mr William Lewis Ridge
Clerkenwell Pallet Maker B
Vol 56 Mar-14 103 Mr H Wiliamson
Farringdon Rd Chairman & Founder of H Williamson Ltd B
Vol 56 Mar-14 111 Sir David Gill
Astronomer F
Vol 56 Jul-14 177 Mr G Chamberlin
Hampton Court Palace Clock Keeper B