We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 39 Feb 1897 83 Mr John Chivers
Bath Silversmith B
Vol 39 Feb 1897 84 A V Borelli
Farnham BHI Student B
Vol 39 April 1897 112 Mr Frederick Lowe
Clerkenwell Rd Enameller B
Vol 39 June 1897 139 Mr Walter Joyce
Whitchurch Clockmaker B
Vol 39 Aug 1897 163 Sir John Bennett
London Watchmaker B
Vol 39 Aug 1897 164 Mr William Robinson
Manager of Assay Dept. Goldsmiths Hall B
Vol 40 Oct 1897 20 Mr Thomas Baxter
Goswell Rd Member of BHI Council F
Vol 40 Nov 1897 40 Mr Egbert Storer
Switzerland then London Member of BHI Council B
Vol 40 Dec 1897 55 Mr Ottway
St John Street Rd Chronometer Box Maker B
Vol 40 Jan 1898 63 Mr William Ehrhardt
Birmingham Watchmaker F
Vol 40 Feb 1898 82 Mr Daniel Clarke
Clerkenwell Watch Manufacturer B
Vol 40 Feb 1898 82 Mr C H Hawkins
Clerkenwell Gilder & BHI Auditor B
Vol 40 Mar 1898 96 Mr George James Bolton Prickett
Clerkenwell Engraver & Gold Dial Maker B
Vol 40 April 1898 110 Mr Samual Elliott Atkins
Cowper’s Court Cornhill Master of the Clockmakers' Company B
Vol 40 Aug 1898 162 Mr Fritz Thoermer
Watchmaker B
Vol 41 Sept 1898 14 Mr Arthur Boots
Eastbourne B
Vol 41 Oct 1898 18 Mr James Padbury
Bishops Waltham, Hampshire Clockmaker F, M
Vol 41 Oct 1898 31 Mr Enoch Turton
Ilkeston, Derbys B
Vol 41 Nov 1898 37 Mr George Walker
Coventry Head Teacher at Coventry Technical Institute F
Vol 41 May 1899 125 Mr Johann Ernst Adolph Uhrig
Quadrant Rd Canonbury Chronometer Maker B
Vol 41 May 1899 125 Mr James Robert Harris
Powell St, King Square Watch Manufacturer B
Vol 41 June 1899 140 Mr William Frederick Evans
Handsworth Birmingham Clock Movement Maker B
Vol 41 June 1899 140 Mr Joseph Tappe
London Rep of Messrs Vacheron & Constantin B
Vol 41 June 1899 140 Mr William Keys
Hastings B
Vol 41 July 1899 156 Mr Emil Nielson
Head of Nicole Nielson & Co B
Vol 41 Aug 1899 168 Mr Henry James Moore
Clerkenwell Close Clockmaker B
Vol 42 Sept 1899 12 Mr Samuel Hope
Birmingham Wedding Ring Maker B
Vol 42 Oct 1899 24 Monsieur Ernest Francillon-Dapples
Switzerland President of School of Horologerie F
Vol 42 Oct 1899 24 Monsieur Theodore Marie Leroy
Paris, France Chronometer Maker F
Vol 42 Dec 1899 53 Mr Charles Boyton senior
Clerkenwell Silversmith B
Vol 42 Apr-1900 115 M. Victor Clemence
Les Bois, Switzerland B
Vol 42 Apr-1900 115 Mr Thomas Taylor
Sec. of C & W Asylum B
Vol 42 May-1900 130 Mr Robert Atkinson
Market St Lancaster Watchmaker F
Vol 42 Jul-1900 158 Mr Joseph Jennens
Clerkenwell Clockmaker B
Vol 42 Aug-1900 168 Mr G W Leonard
Liverpool Rd Compensation Balance Maker B
Vol 43 Sep-1900 26 Mr William Cook
Collector for C & W Asylum B
Vol 43 Sep-1900 26 Mr Francis Swinden
Birmingham Of Swinden & Sons B
Vol 43 Nov-1900 31 Thomas Mercer
St Albans Treasurer of BHI Marine Chronometer Manufacturer F
Vol 43 Nov-1900 40 Mr John Benford
Upper CharlesSt Clerkenwell Watch Finisher B
Vol 43 Feb-1901 78 Mr Robert Rolfe
Coppice Row Clockmaker B
Vol 43 Apr-1901 109 Mr Joseph Rome
King Edward St, Liverpool Rd Lever escapement Maker B
Vol 43 Apr-1901 109 Mr Samuel Augustus Brooks
10 Northampton Square Watch Jewel Maker B
Vol 43 Apr-1909 109 Rev H L Nethropp
Gave collection of antique watches to CC B
Vol 43 May-1901 125 Mr D C Burlingham
King's Lynn, Norfolk Watchmaker B
Vol 43 Jun-1901 133 Mr John Troup
36 Hatton Gardens F
Vol 43 Jun-1901 138 Mr Henry Rowley
Clerkenwell Clockmaker B
Vol 43 Jul-1901 151 Mr John Hammersley
Watchmaker B
Vol 43 Jul-1901 151 Mr Thomas Morris Avery
Chicago, USA President of Elgin Watch Company B
Vol 43 Aug-1901 163 William George Schoof
99 St John St Road Watchmaker F
Vol 43 Aug-1901 166 Mr George Hollister
37 Davies St Member of BHI Council B