We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 148 Jun-06 234235236 Beresford Hutchinson FBHI
Charlton Clock restorer, curator (British Museum) F
Vol 148 Jul-06 250 Richard Westcombe Elliott FBHI
Nottingham Owner, Elliott Clocks F
Vol 148 Aug-06 292 Eric Bramwell Gent FBHI
St Helens Watchmaker F
Vol 148 Dec-06 474 Norman Arnold CMBHI
Sherington Toolmaker, clock repairer F
Vol 149 Feb-07 70 Malcolm (Mick) Watters FBHI
Cornwall Clockmaker, watchmaker, tutor, BHI Council member B
Vol 149 May-07 164 Keith Michael Page CMBHI
Hastings Watchmaker B
Vol 149 Jun-07 233 Peter Bradley
Clockmaker B
Vol 149 Aug-07 320 Col Graham Silvey
Edinburgh Army educationalist, clock enthusiast, Branch Chairman B
Vol 149 Oct-07 388 Peter Sidney Smith
Sudbury Clockmaker, watchmaker B
Vol 150 Jun-08 258 Peter Weiss
Reading Clockmaker F
Vol 150 Aug-08 333 Alan Timmins FBHI
Nottingham Clockmaker F
Vol 150 Sep-08 408 David Bodley-Scott CMBHI
Lymington Clockmaker F
Vol 150 Dec-08 518 George G Hammond
Reading Clockmaker F
Vol 151 May-09 231 Donald Morris FBHI
Cornwall Clockmaker F
Vol 151 Jun-09 247 Rev Ian P M Cundy
Leicester Clockmaker B
Vol 151 Nov-09 520 Norman Fritz
USA Clockmaker B
Vol 151 Nov-09 486-7 Derek Francis Pratt FBHI
Switzerland Watch/Clockmaker F
Vol 151 Dec-09 536-7 Derek Francis Pratt FBHI
Switzerland Watch/Clockmaker F
Vol 152 Jan-10 7 Paul S G Armitage MBHI
Leicester Clockmaker F
Vol 152 Feb-10 80 William Swindle
Leicester Clockmaker B
Vol 152 Mar-10 133 Joseph Ennis
Ireland Watchmaker B
Vol 152 Apr-10 183 Clifford Bird
Norfolk Clockmaker F
Vol 152 Aug-10 345 Alex Walker FBHI
Scotland BHI Secretary B
Vol 152 Aug-10 364-5 Nicolas Hayek
Switzerland CEO Sibra/Swatch F
Vol 153 Mar-11 133 Arthur Booth
Nottingham Clockmaker B
Vol 153 Sep-11 389 Bertrand Best
Beverley Clock/Watchmaker B
Vol 153 Oct-11 454 Derek Higginson FBHI
Dorset Clock/Watchmaker F
Vol 153 Nov-11 514 Herbert James House
Redhill Clockmaker F
Vol 153 Dec-11 532-3 George Daniels FBHI
Isle of Man Watchmaker F