We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 136 Feb-94 281 Louis Charles Baume FBHI
Watchmaker & Joint MD of Baume & Co F
Vol 136 Feb-94 281 Thomas Harry Hyde
Market Rasen, Lincs Clockmaker & Jeweller F
Vol 136 Apr-94 343 Pierre H Boucheron
Experimental Horologist & Author of Articles B
Vol 136 May-94 370 Charles Thomson FBHI
Wandsworth B
Vol 136 Aug-94 478 John Wardle
Brailsford, Derbys Longcase Clock Movement & Material Maker F
Vol 137 Aug-95 261 Adrian W Gates
Derby Quartz Watches M
Vol 137 Oct-95 354 Peter J Baxandall
HJ Reviewer & Contributor B
Vol 138 Jan-96 27 T Alun Davies LBHI
Responsible for Welsh National Horological Collection B
Vol 138 Feb-96 53 John Innell
See Mar 1996 page 81 vol 138 B
Vol 138 Mar-96 81 Henry Standley (Paddy) Walsh
Founder of H S Walsh & Sons Ltd F
Vol 138 Mar-96 81 John Innell
Publishing Director of International Wristwatch F
Vol 138 Mar-96 81 Edward Harold Tiso FBHI
Directed team that designed & built Smiths 1st Quartz Clock Movement B
Vol 138 Mar-96 82 Peter Brain
Wem, Shropshire Clockmaker F
Vol 138 Apr-96 121 Henry B Fried FBHI
See May 1996 vol 138 page 146 Founder Member of NAWCC B
Vol 138 May-96 146 Henry B Fried FBHI
Larchmont, New York, USA Watchmaker F & M
Vol 138 Aug-96 259 George Worswick FBHI
Musical Box Restorer B
Vol 138 Oct-96 355 Frederick Stacy Patten CMBHI
Western Rd, Hove Watchmaker & HJ Contributor F
Vol 138 Nov-96 374 Henry Smith MacKay FBHI
Scotland Watch Repairer F
Vol 138 Nov-96 374 Sidney Smith
Briset St, Clerkenwell Proprietor of Sinclair Glassworks B
Vol 139 Mar-97 81 Simon Thornton
Deputy President of BHI B
Vol 139 Oct-97 334 Louis Essen
Pioneer of Modern Time Measurement B
Vol 139 Nov-97 367 Jim Cowsill
Author of Award Winning Paper on Electrical Horology B
Vol 140 Feb-98 42 Professor R V Jones
Member of BHI Consultative Panel B
Vol 140 Feb-98 42 Edward John Cousins
Founder of Cousins Material House B
Vol 140 Apr-98 119 Leslie Paten
Enfield Clock & Watch Restorer F
Vol 140 May-98 151 Sir Samuel Curran
Clock Restorer & Designer F
Vol 140 Jun-98 205 Bernard Jobin FBHI
See July 1998 vol 140 page 218 Watchmaker & BHI Instructor B
Vol 140 Jul-98 218 Bernard Jobin FBHI
Watchmaker & BHI Instructor F & M
Vol 140 Jul-98 219 Bernard Jobin FBHI
Vol 140 Jul-98 243 Charles Aked
HJ & AHS Contributor F
Vol 140 Aug-98 259 Bernard Jobin
Vol 140 Sep-98 296 Roger Davies
Vol 140 Sep-98 296 Lt-Commander Derek Howse
See Oct 1998 vol 140 page 331 B
Vol 140 Oct-98 331 Lt-Commander Derek Howse
Horological Historian F
Vol 140 Nov-98 371 Peter Wills
See Dec 1998 vol 140 page 421 B
Vol 140 Dec-98 421 Peter Wills
Northleach Clockmaker & Editor F & M
Vol 140 Dec-98 421 Alec Bools
Sheffield Sales Manager of Julius Isaacs B
Vol 141 Jan-99 24 Howard J C White FBHI
Swansea Vice-Pres of BHI & Technical Director of Services Watch Co F
Vol 141 Mar-99 84 Francis B Smith FBHI
Tutor at West Dean College F
Vol 141 Apr-99 114 Gilbert Remy Gluck
Near Brixton Toolmaker F
Vol 141 May-99 160 Thomas Miles
Cambridgeshire Clock hands, dials, frames & cases maker F
Vol 141 May-99 161 William 'Bill' Saunders
Amateur Horologist F
Vol 141 May-99 161 John Polding
Clock Restorer F
Vol 141 Oct-99 347 Roy Cooper
Interested in Clocks & History of Clocks F
Vol 141 Nov-99 389 Frank Edwards HonFBHI
Past MD of Ingersoll & HJ Contributor F & M
Vol 142 Jan-00 7 Tony Gutteridge
See Feb 2000 vol 142 page 46 Chairman of Wessex Branch B
Vol 142 Jan-00 29 J David Exley
Technical Manager at A G Thomas B
Vol 142 Feb-00 46 Tony Gutteridge
Clockmaker F
Vol 142 Feb-00 46 Douglas Harold Follett
Clock Maker & Restorer B
Vol 142 Jun-00 201 Charles Edward Allen FBHI
Watchcase Maker & Secret-springer & Lecturer F