We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 129 Oct-86 15 Graham Charles Saywood
Director & General Manager of Ingersoll Watch Co. B
Vol 129 Oct-86 15 John Newman
Worked at Eurotime B
Vol 129 Jan-87 17 Mr Geoffrey Applebee
The Cottage of Content, Buxton, Derbys Clock & Chronometer Repairer F
Vol 129 Feb-87 19 Sir Richard Woolley
President of BHI B
Vol 129 Mar-87 26 Mr Kenneth James
Writer & Reviewer F
Vol 129 Apr-87 15 Mr William George Pike FBHI
Cromwell House, Long St, Sherbourne Watch & clock Maker F
Vol 129 May-87 24 Mr Chris S Smith FBHI
Watchmaker & Repairer F
Vol 130 Jul-87 22 Councillor Charles Dilley FBHI
Bryn-y-Mor Rd, Swansea Watchmaker & Jeweller F
Vol 130 Aug-87 22 Mr Arthur Gilbert Dennison MBHI
Handsworth Birmingham Past MD of Dennison Watch Case Co Ltd F
Vol 130 Sep-87 20 John T Whipps FBHI
Technical Director of Ingersol Ltd F
Vol 130 Jan-88 6 Herbert Stanley Howell FBHI
Designed & Developed Escapement Platforms F
Vol 130 Jan-88 15 Colonel R H Quill
Author Researcher, expert horologist F
Vol 130 Jan-88 15 Mr Norman Alfred Seymour Hart
Kenton Founder of NAS Hart & Co Ltd F
Vol 130 Mar-88 2 Dr Derwent Mercer FBHI
Chairman of BHI F
Vol 130 Apr-88 26 Mary Dunhill
Pres of Dunhill Holdings PLC B
Vol 130 May-88 18 Ronald B Horstmann
Colerne,nr Bath, Wilts Proprietor of Horstmann Quality Clocks F
Vol 131 Aug-88 7 Tony Hunt FBHI
Wood Lane Hucknall B
Vol 131 Dec-88 4 Mr A A Johnston FBHI
Founder Member & Pres of W. of Scotland Branch B
Vol 131 Feb-89 5 Robert Andrew Fell FBHI
Long & Varied Career within Horology F
Vol 131 Feb-89 6 Mr Cecil A Bond CMBHI
Woodbridge, Suffolk Retail Jeweller B
Vol 131 Mar-89 28 Gregory Krivocheef FBHI
MD of Perivale F
Vol 132 Jul-89 7 Donald de Carle FBHI
Author & Manager F
Vol 132 Jul-89 8 Dr Graham Dowler
Restorer of Antique Clocks B
Vol 132 Jul-89 8 Mr Ryohei Hotta
Japan Pres of the Hotta Group of Companies B
Vol 132 Aug-89 42 Richard James Oliver
26 Spencer St, Clerkenwell Watch Case Maker F
Vol 132 Sep-89 82 James William Cartwright CMBHI
Mumby, Lincs Repairer & Adjuster B
Vol 132 Jan-90 221 Mr Thomas Henry Hill CMBHI
Watchmaker F
Vol 132 Feb-90 267 Dennis Barratt FBHI
Former MD of Clock & Watch Division of Smiths Industries F
Vol 133 Jul-90 7 Peter Alan Roberts CMBHI
Lincoln Manager of Jewellers B
Vol 133 Sep-90 82 Dr Andrew Robert Somerville
Higher Poynton, Cheshire Chairman of British Sundial Society F
Vol 133 Nov-90 154 Iain Robert Campbell FBHI
Proprietor of I R Campbell & Co Ltd F
Vol 133 Jan-91 243 Raymond Gallacher FBHI
Glasgow Director of Douglas Clocks & Watches B
Vol 133 Feb-91 282 Leonard Salzer
Tool Maker & Designer F
Vol 133 Mar-91 294 Cecil Clutton
Writer & Lecturer on Horology F
Vol 133 Apr-91 340 Cecil Robert Sleath
Eastwood, Notts Clock Repairer F
Vol 134 Aug-91 45 Herman H Knie
Australia Clockmaker F
Vol 134 Dec-91 203 Joe A Kowalski CMBHI
Leics Watchmaker B
Vol 134 Apr-92 335 Philip Vine
See Jan 1988 page 2 Nottingham Past Pres of BHI B
Vol 134 May-92 390 Brian Lane CMBHI
Lymington Clock & Watch Repairer F
Vol 134 Jun-92 422 Rudi Tschirren
Cheltenham Toolmaker F
Vol 135 Sep-92 85 Frank H Skill
Nottingham Retired Watchmaker B
Vol 135 Sep-92 85 Eddie Morris
Lincoln Watchmaker & Repairer B
Vol 135 Dec-92 186 E A Driver (Ted) FBHI
Middleton Watchmaker B
Vol 135 Feb-93 267 Professor Henry Wallman
Israel Author F
Vol 135 Mar-93 297 Robert Cairns Gilles
Dial Restorer F
Vol 135 Jun-93 403 Felix Albert Gluck FBHI
Founder of F A Gluck (Clockmakers) Ltd B
Vol 136 Sep-93 84 Tony Cairns
Liverpool Worked at Browns B
Vol 136 Sep-93 91 Bert Davies
Vol 136 Oct-93 123 Felix Hudson MBHI
Dunfermline Watchmaker, Jeweller & Antiques Dealer F
Vol 136 Nov-93 149 Maurice Shoot
Clerkenwell Material Dealer M