We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 105 May-63 169 Mr Holbon Warden FBHI
Glasgow & London Escapement & Watchmaker M
Vol 105 Jun-63 214 Mr G E Chesterton
37 Sileby Rd Barrow Leics. Clock Designer B
Vol 105 Jul-63 241 Mr George William Stevens
Tunbridge Wells Watch & Clock Repairer B
Vol 105 Aug-63 263 Mr Herbert F Kundert
Of Hefik Watch Co Ltd B
Vol 105 Aug-63 263 Mr John Murray Russell
55a St Nicholas St, Aberdeen Clockmaker & Official Timekeeper in Aberdeen B
Vol 105 Oct-63 324 Abraham Carnow
New London Connecticut USA Former Treasurer of Bulova Watch Co B
Vol 105 Nov-63 362 Mr P J Morren
Chairman of Ingersoll Ltd B
Vol 106 Jan-64 11 Mr Duncan Taylor
Exeter New Hampshire Clock Adjuster for Balmoral Castle B
Vol 106 Jan-64 11 Claude Lyons
Hampstead Founder of Vertex Watches Ltd B
Vol 106 Jan-64 11 Mr William Burn FBHI
Manager at Robert Pringle & Sons F
Vol 106 Apr-64 86 Mr James Mackie
23 Craigend Rd St Ninians Stirling BHI West Scotland Branch Secretary B
Vol 107 Aug-64 28 H F Frutiger
Thavies Inn House, 3 Hoborn Circus, London Chairman of E A Combs ( Clocks) Ltd B
Vol 107 Sep-64 33 James Hogg FBHI
Founder Member of East Scotland BHI Branch B
Vol 107 Sep-64 33 John Harwood FBHI
Pinner Rd, Harrow Middx B
Vol 107 Sep-64 33 A W Stockbridge
25 St Nicholas St Ipswich Founder of Stockbridge & Cole B
Vol 107 Oct-64 32 James Chambers Barr FBHI
Watch Repairer & Director of Arthur Saunders Ltd B
Vol 107 Jan-65 65 Daniel Edward Buckney
Past MD & Chairman of E Dent & Co B
Vol 107 Apr-65 22 Major Francis Bolam Cowen FBHI
Clockmaker & Vice Pres of BHI F & M
Vol 108 Aug-65 30 Joshua Rowley FBHI
Senior Partner in A & H Rowley Parks & Co B
Vol 108 Sep-65 35 Alexander Rogers
139 Lewisham Way, London Watchmaker B
Vol 108 Oct-65 23 W H Bradley CMBHI
Low Fell Watch & Clock Repairer B
Vol 108 Dec-65 24 Mr Marcel A Leuba
Chairman & Former MD of British Watch Cases Co B
Vol 108 Dec-65 24 Mr Maurice Savoye
MD of Longines Watch Co B
Vol 108 Feb-66 26 Heinrich Otto
Streatham Teacher of BHI Drawing Class M
Vol 108 Feb-66 26 Karl Knupfer FBHI
Vice Pres of BHI & Pres of Manchester Branch F
Vol 108 Feb-66 28 John Angell
Tonbridge Founder of John Angell Ltd B
Vol 108 Feb-66 28 Mr H C Waters
Vol 109 Jul-66 19 Michael Laurence Bateman FBHI
Vice Pres of BHI & on Board of Ingersoll Watch Co F
Vol 109 Jul-66 22 Mr Walter Smails FBHI
3 Guy Proprietor of Dobson’s Jewellers B
Vol 109 Oct-66 36 Mr Joseph Schonberg FBHI
4 Fraser St Aberdeen B
Vol 109 Dec-66 26 Mr Joseph Wright
Vice Pres of BHI & Director of Horology Ltd, Orcla Ltd & the Russell Companies F
Vol 109 Dec-66 26 Mr H Frearson FBHI
Heaton Chapel, Stockport Vice Pres of BHI & Manchester Branch B
Vol 109 Dec-66 26 Mr Ronald Elliott
Chairman of National Benevolent Society of Watch & Clock Makers B
Vol 109 Dec-66 26 Mr William Henry Brook Smethurst
Rowley Bank, Stafford B
Vol 109 Feb-67 27 Mr E Cecil Jones
Vol 109 Mar-67 26 Mr Charles Williams FBHI
Pall Mall Director at E Dent & Co Ltd F
Vol 109 Mar-67 26 Mr Serge Berger FBHI
Chairman & MD of Bentima Co Ltd B
Vol 109 Mar-67 26 Mr H V Brazier
Past MD of London Co for General Trade Ltd B
Vol 109 May-67 12 Frederick H R Isham
MD of Zenith (London Subsidiary Co) F
Vol 109 Jun-67 26 Mr Fred Leeson
250 Hamstead Rd Birmingham Watchmaker & Repairer F
Vol 109 Jun-67 26 Mr Frederick Vokes FBHI
77 Coombe Lane, West Wimbledon B
Vol 110 Jul-67 18 Mr W J Gazeling FBHI
See Aug 1967 110 page 14 B
Vol 110 Aug-67 14 Mr W J Gazeling
4 Northampton Square Watchmaker, Repairer & Escapement Maker M
Vol 110 Sep-67 26 Mr Albert Westall
15 Windsor Rd, St Annes on Sea Lancs. B
Vol 110 Oct-67 22 Mr James Eric Haswell
8 Northampton Square Tools & Materials for Clocks & Watches F
Vol 110 Dec-67 28 Mr Percival John Jackson FBHI
Material Dealer Merseyside Branch Treasurer B
Vol 110 Dec-67 28 Mr Charles H Sellars FBHI
Vol 110 Jan-68 14 Prof David S Torrens
36 Trinity College Amateur Horologist F
Vol 110 Feb-68 27 Mr James E Bruton
Marked the Correspondance Course F
Vol 110 Feb-68 28 Mr George Walter Nunn
Founder & Chairman of Tucker Nunn & Grimshaw Ltd F