We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 99 Jan-57 22 Edgar Bichsel
Switzerland General Manager of Zenith Watch Manufacturing Ltd B
Vol 99 Jan-57 22 Mr T A Stanley Davies
Leeds Watchmaker B
Vol 99 Jan-57 35 Mr Robert A Riddick
25 Netherton Grange Netherton Liverpool B
Vol 99 Feb-57 100 Wenzel Swoboda
Clerkenwell Chronometer & Watch Repairer F
Vol 99 Feb-57 100 Mr John Edward Morris FBHI
Croydon F
Vol 99 Mar-57 162 Mr Alfred W Curzon FBHI
Clerkenwell Watchmaker & Teacher F & M
Vol 99 Mar-57 169 Mr Ralph Edgar Gould
Maryland USA 1st Sec. Of Horological Institute of America B
Vol 99 Apr-57 240 Mr Henry Alfred Francis CMBHI
Cleveleys Lancashire A Founder of Blackpool of BHI Branch B
Vol 99 May-57 290 Major Gilbert Dennison FBHI
Handsworth Founded Dennison Watch Co. Ltd. Vice Pres of BHI F & M
Vol 99 Jun-57 354 Sir Alfred Herbert
Coventry Founder & Chairman of Alfred Herbert Ltd B
Vol 99 Jun-57 354 Mr William Hinds
Governing Director of W Hinds Ltd F
Vol 99 Aug-57 488 Mr George Raymond Kirby FBHI
Bromley Kent Watchmaker & public Clockmaker B
Vol 99 Oct-57 631 Mr LL Ritchie
Edinburgh Clockmaker F
Vol 99 Oct-57 631 James Gardiner CMBHI
Kirkgate Dunfermline Watchmaker & Founder member of East of Scotland BHI Branch B
Vol 99 Nov-57 680 Dr Andrew Guershoon Colin FBHI
Founder of Newport Clocks Ltd F & M
Vol 100 Mar-58 157 Mr H T Hayward CMBHI
257 Queens Rd, Copnor Portsmouth B
Vol 100 Mar-58 157 Mr Arthur Middleton
Worked at Ferranti Ltd B
Vol 100 Mar-58 157 Mr W P Clow CMBHI
1st Sec Of East of Scotland BHI Branch B
Vol 100 Mar-58 157 Mr T Dixon
97 Plungington Rd, Preston Hon. Sec of BHI Preston Branch B
Vol 100 Mar-58 157 Mr Christopher Thompson
Holywell Ave, Whitley Bay Northumberland Senior Partner of Thompson & Friedman. 1st Chairman then 1st Pres of Newcastle BHI Branch F
Vol 100 Apr-58 233 Mr Arde Bulova
New York USA Chairman of Bulova Watch Co B
Vol 100 Apr-58 233 Sir James Swinburne
Researcher, writer Founder of Damard Lacquer Co. Chairman of Bakelite Ltd F
Vol 100 May-58 289 Mr George F Staff FBHI
Watchmaker B
Vol 100 Aug-58 498 M. Alfred Chapuis
Neuchatel Switzerland Author & Researcher B
Vol 100 Oct-58 647 Captain J H Jauncey
Comrie Perthshire Partner in Jauncey & Clowes F
Vol 100 Nov-58 722 Charles H Potts
Marshall Mills Leeds Tower Clockmaker F
Vol 100 Dec-58 828 Mr Charles Beever Swift FBHI
204-6 Chester Rd Manchester B
Vol 100 Dec-58 828 Mr David Houston CMBHI
Leven Scotland B
Vol 101 Mar-59 166 Mr Christopher Sibley Oliver
Coventry Former Chairman & MD of Rotherham & Sons B
Vol 101 Mar-59 166 Mr James J Stockall
Chairman & MD of Stockall, Marples & Co Ltd F
Vol 101 Mar-59 166 Mr Frederick Keith Challen
HJ Contributor B
Vol 101 Mar-59 166 Mr F A Short
HJ Contributor B
Vol 101 Mar-59 166 Mr Edward N Steiner
Watch Hand Maker & Watch Material Manufacturer B
Vol 101 Apr-59 238 Mr R P Howgrave-Graham FBHI
Researcher of Medieval Tower Clocks F
Vol 101 Jun-59 366 Mr Harry Edward Webb
Clerkenwell Rd London MD of Rasmussen Webb & Co Ltd B & M
Vol 101 Jun-59 366 Mr Alfred Leslie Willings FBHI
14 Phillips Ave Linthorpe Compass Adjuster & Chronometer Repairer. Pres of Tees Side BHI Branch B
Vol 101 Jun-59 366 Mr E H Price
Hendre, Harlech HJ Illustrator B
Vol 101 Jun-59 366 Mr Arthur Ball FBHI
Shoreham-on-Sea Trade Repairer B
Vol 101 Jul-59 431 Mr Elias Buerger FBHI
MD of Bentima Co. F & M
Vol 101 Oct-59 656 Mr A V Williamson
Manager of Repairs at Rolex Ltd B
Vol 101 Dec-59 798 John Peyton Biggs
130 Regent St Chairman & MD of Carrington & Co Ltd B
Vol 101 Dec-59 798 Mr Alfred Otway
Harrow Middx Tool & Instrument Maker B
Vol 101 Dec-59 798 Mr Wilfred Thomas Michael Kelly
Works Manager of Synthetic Jewels Ltd F
Vol 101 Dec-59 798 Dr Arthur Lionel Rawlings
USA Author, Chief Engineer for Research at Bulova Labs F & M
Vol 102 Mar-60 172 John Richard Hardy
Sydney Chairman of Directors of Hardy Bros. Ltd B
Vol 102 May-60 320 F A F Ferraro
Employed by T H Marsh Insurance Brokers B
Vol 102 May-60 320 William Abernethy
Glasgow Rep for Reed-Williams Ltd. B
Vol 102 Jun-60 364 Malcolm Gardner FBHI
London Antiquarian Horologist & Bookseller F
Vol 102 Jun-60 385 E A Richard
See July 1960 102 page 430 Richard Tucker Nunn Founder of the French Clock House Ltd. B
Vol 102 Jun-60 385 Major William John Ellis Gammage
Director of Lawson Ward & Gammage B