We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 91 Apr-49 213 The Earl of Meath, Reginald Le Normand Brabazon
Kilruddy, Bray, Co.Wicklow, Ireland Hobby Clockmaker F
Vol 91 May-49 306 Mr Henry Cohen
Leeds Director of Crown Manufacturing Co. Ltd B
Vol 91 May-49 306 Mr William Henry May
15 Clumber St Nottingham Watchmaker & Jeweller B
Vol 91 May-49 306 Mr Cyril Adamson
7 Devonshire St. Penrith Jeweller & Goldsmith B
Vol 91 Jul-49 422 Mr Albert William Pyle
London Worked at Edwin Harrop Ltd B
Vol 91 Jul-49 422 Mr F Bridge
Pine Rd, Winton, Bournemouth Watch Repairer B
Vol 91 Oct-49 623 Mr G F Dingley FBHI
22, Fairfield, Herstmonceux Watchmaker in RGO B
Vol 91 Nov-49 678 Mr J G Salmond
1 Hatton Garden Watch Repairer at Baume & Co. B
Vol 91 Nov-49 678 Mr Louis Dubois
Denver, Colorado, USA Dean of American Academy of Horology F
Vol 92 Apr-50 229 Frank Hope-Jones
Electric Clocks& Synchronome F
Vol 92 Apr-50 231 Mr Cyril Frederick Johnston
Bell Founder F
Vol 92 Apr-50 231 Mr Kevitt Rotherham
Coventry Clock & Instrument Manufacturer B
Vol 92 Apr-50 232 Mr C H Smith
7 Stanhope Rd, Highgate, London Sales Director at Ingersoll F
Vol 92 Jul-50 451 Mr W M Birks
Montreal, Canada Chairman of Henry Birks & Sons Ltd F
Vol 92 Aug-50 513 Mr James Henry Calvert
55 Audley Range, Blackburn Watchmaker & Jeweller B
Vol 92 Aug-50 513 M. Theodore Schild
Switzerland Director of Eterna SA B
Vol 92 Aug-50 513 Mr William Greville-Giddings
Rep for Rotherham & Son Ltd B
Vol 92 Sep-50 570 Eugene Aufranc
Orvin, Switzerland Watchmaker B
Vol 92 Sep-50 570 Mr Jacques Nardin
Geneva Switzerland Watchmaker B
Vol 92 Nov-50 722 Lt-Col Gerald Walker Birks
Vice Chairman of Henry Birks & Sons Ltd. B
Vol 93 Jan-51 43 Mr Horace T Wright FBHI
See Feb 1951 93 page 108 Material Dealer B
Vol 93 Jan-51 43 Mr Charles Borelli
Farnham Surrey Clockmaker Silversmith & Jeweller B
Vol 93 Feb-51 108 Mr Horace T Wright
Great Sutton St Material Dealer F
Vol 93 Mar-51 170 Sir Allan Gordon-Smith
Inspirer & Founder of the re-established British Horological Industry F & M
Vol 93 Mar-51 173 Professor Eugene Jacquet
Geneva, Switzerland Co-wrote La Montre Suisse & Director of Geneva School of Watchmaking B
Vol 93 Apr-51 232 Mr Ernest Desbois
Vice-President of BHI F
Vol 93 Apr-51 232 William Warrington Triggs
65 Lower Clapton Rd B
Vol 93 Jul-51 453 Mr Phillip Arthur Clowes
Brompton Rd MD of Charles Frodsham & Co. Ltd B
Vol 93 Nov-51 718 Mr A Massie
30 Division St B
Vol 93 Nov-51 718 Mr John M Herbert
105b Nethergate Dundee Clock & Watchmaker & Repairer B
Vol 93 Nov-51 718 Mr G J Mayor FBHI
Colwyn Bay, North Wales B
Vol 93 Nov-51 718 Mr Arthur Henry Gledhill FBHI
Halifax Formed Gledhill-Brooke Time Recorders Ltd B
Vol 93 Nov-51 718 Mr Leonard Keysor VC
98 Hatton Garden Director of Schatz Rombach Successors Ltd F
Vol 93 Dec-51 798 Mr Granville H Baillie
Author of Horological books L
Vol 93 Dec-51 813 Mr Granveille H Baillie
Letchworth Author of Horological books F
Vol 93 Dec-51 819 Mr William Garrett
724 Chesterfield Rd Watchmaker & Jeweller B
Vol 94 Jan-52 23 M. Honore Morel-Fournier
France Editor of La France Horlogere B
Vol 94 Jan-52 28 Lt-Commander William Dixon Stott
Paignton Clock Collector F
Vol 94 Apr-52 241 Mr R H Pearce
Foreman of Watchmakers at Dent's B
Vol 94 Jul-52 444 Mr Eugene Hector Golay
88-90 Hatton Garden London MD of H Golay & Sons Ltd B
Vol 94 Aug-52 515 Mr Harry Pybus
Prescot, Lancs Watchmaker F
Vol 94 Oct-52 661 Mr George Henry Gammage
Chairman of Lawson Ward & Gammage Ltd B
Vol 94 Dec-52 814 Mr William Henry Masters
9 Brackenhurst Rd, Radford, Coventry Watchmaker B
Vol 95 Jan-53 41 Ernest A Holland
Invented the Time-Switch & automatic street lamp lighter & extinguisher F
Vol 95 Feb-53 94 Mr David Bouvier
1st Manufacturer of fancy watch glasses B
Vol 95 Feb-53 94 Mr Albert Emler
4 Cornmarket High Wycombe Clockmaker B
Vol 95 Feb-53 94 Mr Malcolm Robert Webster
17 Queen St, Mayfair Antique Clocks & Silver Dealer F
Vol 95 Mar-53 161 Henry Paulson
See April 1953 95 page 242 Head of Henry Paulson & Co Material Dealers B
Vol 95 Mar-53 161 Mr W Beckmann
Watchmaker B
Vol 95 Apr-53 242 Mr G L Britton
Sheffield Watchmaker B