We've found over the years that one of the most requested types of item from HJ has been obituaries. Follow these links to the index pages for the Obituaries (please note that the final column of the listings shows 'B' for a brief obituary or 'F' for a full one. If you wish us to locate and provide a copy, a research charge will apply to both types.
Volume Journal date Page no. Name Address Occupation B/F
Vol 84 Oct-42 230 Duncan Pringle
Clerkenwell Rd Watch Materials & Tools B
Vol 84 Dec-42 290 Duncan Ernest Aldred
Great Yarmouth Watchmaker & Jeweller to the Admiralty B
Vol 84 Dec-42 290 M. Jules Rein
Moutier, Switzerland Director of Pierce SA B
Vol 85 Apr-43 96 E Sills
See June 1943 85 Marine Chronometer B
Vol 85 Jun-43 136 Edwin Robert Sills
London Marine Chronometer Finisher M
Vol 85 Dec-43 344 Henry R Playtner
Canada Watchmaker & founder of old Canadian Horological Institute F
Vol 86 Jul-44 191 Mr William Storer
Parliament Sq Nottingham B
Vol 86 Sep-44 241 Mr A H Moore
London Watch Importer B
Vol 86 Oct-44 276 Mr A G Thomas
Bradford Watch Material Dealer B
Vol 86 Oct-44 276 Mr H Grove-Jones
South Australia HJ Contributor B
Vol 86 Oct-44 276 Mr Bernard Stamm
Schaffhausen Switzerland Watch Manufacturer B
Vol 86 Oct-44 276 Mr J Duddridge
Ockham,Nr Ripley, Surrey B
Vol 87 May-45 146 Paul Ditisheim
See June 1945 87 page 182 Swiss Watchmaker B
Vol 87 Jun-45 182 Paul Ditisheim
Geneva Switzerland Swiss Watchmaker, made smallest watch in the world F
Vol 87 Oct-45 327 Frederick James Robinson
62 Holden Rd Waterloo Liverpool Clock Repairer B
Vol 87 Dec-45 410 Paul Ditisheim
See June 1945 87 page 182 M
Vol 87 Dec-45 429 Mr Charles Edward Meyer
Coleman St London MD of Medana Watches B
Vol 88 Jan-46 22 Mr Tom Vickery
Astley Abbotts, Bridgnorth Watch & Clock Maker F
Vol 88 Jan-46 37 Mrs SE Lichfield FBHI
Vol 88 Jun-46 241 Mr Elijah Fellows
Hatton Gardens B
Vol 88 Sep-46 376 Mr William Thompson-Edgar
Chairman of the Horstmann Gear Co. Ltd B
Vol 88 Sep-46 376 Mr Gilbert Gledhill
Huddersfield Director of Gledhill-Brook, Time Recorders Ltd. B
Vol 88 Oct-46 429 Mr E W Birch
See Nov 1946 88 page 472 Director of Horological Studies at Northampton Polytechnic B
Vol 88 Oct-46 429 Mr Ivor Gordon Rudd
Eaton Ford Bedfordshire Watch & Clockmaker B
Vol 88 Nov-46 472 Mr Ernest William Birch
Past Editor of HJ & Director of Horological Dept. F
Vol 89 Jan-47 40 Mr GOH Horstmann
Union St, Bath Watch & Clockmaker F
Vol 89 Mar-47 131 Mr William LeBrun
Royal Observatory, Bradford-on-Avon Chronometer & Watch Repairer F
Vol 89 May-47 243 Mr J R Richards
Greenwich House, Aberfan, Glamorgan Watch Repairer B
Vol 89 May-47 246 Mr Sanfrid Lundquist
Partner in Victor Kullberg M
Vol 89 Jun-47 292 Captain Edwin E Craig
Clockmaker F
Vol 89 Sep-47 498 Mr Leonard Hugh Bonnaire
16 Hillersden Ave, Edgware, Middlesex Manager of Omega's London branch F
Vol 89 Oct-47 520 M. Robert Duverdrey
France Chairman & MD of Bayard Clock Factory B
Vol 89 Oct-47 520 Mr B C Beale
MD of B C Beale Ltd. B
Vol 89 Nov-47 597 Mr William Haynes
Derby Turret Clock Maker B
Vol 90 Jan-48 41 Mr Louis Gustave Brandt
Paris, France Omega Watch Co. Founder of SSIH F
Vol 90 Feb-48 105 Mr Dudley Harris
85 Hatton Garden, London Director of Henry Harris & Co. B
Vol 90 Jun-48 353 Mr A H Dyson
Windsor Castle Clockmaker to the King F
Vol 90 Jun-48 353 Mr Jacques-David Le Coultre
Switzerland Watchmaker B
Vol 90 Aug-48 470 Dr Stanley Currie Johnson
Kew Head of Maths & Mechanical sections of DLC B
Vol 90 Oct-48 594 Lieut-Commander R T Gould
Canterbury See Nov 1948 90 page 655 B
Vol 90 Nov-48 655 Rupert Thomas Gould
Ashtead Canterbury Restorer, Repairer & Author M
Vol 90 Nov-48 658 Mr R E Roberts
Watchmaker B
Vol 90 Dec-48 732 Mr Cris Kirby
Vol 90 Dec-48 732 Mr Percival A Croydon
48 Hamilton Rd Felixstowe Suffolk Vice-Pres of BHI B
Vol 90 Dec-48 732 Mr Charles Thomas Parkes
Brissett Street Clockmaker B
Vol 90 Dec-48 748 Charles Henry Ingersoll
USA Made the 'Dollar Watch' B
Vol 91 Mar-49 160 Mr Harry Roberts
47 Church Gate Leicester Wholesale Watch Material Dealer B
Vol 91 Mar-49 160 Mr Reginald A Bailey
Director of English Clock Systems Ltd. B
Vol 91 Mar-49 163 Albert Thomas Oliver
25-26 Spencer St, London Watchcase Maker F
Vol 91 Apr-49 213 Mr T Albert Potter
Philadelphia USA Chairman of Elgin National Watch Co. B