The Resistance of the Air, determined from Captain Kater's Experiments on the Pendulum

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Author(s): Captain Kater, Unknown
Total pages: 15 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: 1823
Editor: Publisher: Astronomical and Nautical Collections
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Observations for ascertaining the length of the Pendulum at Madras in the East Indies,... with the conclusions drawn from the same.

Report on the scientific studies carried out on this subject by Captain Kater.

First sentences reveal the thrust of the research.

"The effect of resistances of various kinds on the vibrations of the pendulum is become a subject of increased importance, from its influence on the determination of a standard measure: for although the effect of these resistances on the time may be wholly inconsiderable, it is by no means superfluous to prove, by demonstrative evidence that they are actually insensible."

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