Improved Pendulum

Catalogue no: 1511
Dewey No: 681.1124 Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): David Ritchie
Total pages: 7 Illustrations: 1 Language(s): English Publication date: 1818
Editor: Publisher: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
Dimensions: 210mm x 130mm Condition: Reasonable
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"The Gold Isis Medal and Thirty Guineas were this Session voted to Mr. D. Ritchie, of Clerkenwell, for an Improved Method Of Giving Motion To A Pendulum."

Main article is in the form of a letter from Ritchie of Northampton-street, Clerkenwell, written Feb. 15, 1818.

The text with the relevent engraving is concerned with a new form of pendulum crutch.  The author argues that in the traditional pendulum crutch, "A great part of the Motive force I conceive to be dissipated ..., but by the introduction of a new principle, I shall entirely temove this double drop and weight, and bending of the crutch ..."

The author concludes, "After long experience in things of this nature, and in this instance having determined by actual experiment that the same arc of vibration is maintained with less power than in the usual method, I feel a confident hope, that my principle will be generally adopted."

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