A Compilation of nine articles from 'The Repertory of Arts and Manufaturers' 1795-1802

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Total pages: 40 Illustrations: 9 Language(s): English Publication date: 1795-1802
Editor: Publisher: Repertory of Arts and Manufacturers
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Full title of publication as follow;

The Repertory of Arts and Manufactures: Consisting of Original Communications, Specifications of Patent Inventions, and Selections of Useful Practical Papers from the Philosophical Societies of All Nations, &c. &c.

Pages extracted from different volumes of this publication and bound separately by Ilbert betweem marbled paper covers.

Articles included as follows:

1. Description of a Pendulum on a new Construction, by the Rev. Mr Pine.

Details of a new form of bi-metallic compensation pendulum with illustration.

2. Observations on a Pendulum described in the Third Volume of this Work: a letter signed A.B. concerned with Pine's pendulum, 1797.

Casts doubt on the effectiveness of the Rev. Pine's compensated pendulum.

3. Description of two Pendulums; with and Account of a Clock where the maintaining Power is applied immediately from the Escapement-wheel to the Axis of the Pendulum-rod;  by Mr John Crosthwaite, Clock and watchmaker, in Dublin.

Describes and illustrates pin wheel escapement acting on pallets attached to the pendulum rod.

4. Description of a Machine for cutting Files, by B.O., 1796.

Illustration of the machine included with article.

5. Specification of the Patent granted to Mr Charles Haley, of Wigmore-Street, Cavendish-Square, Watchmaker: for his Invention of a Marine Timekeeper, for the better ascertaining the Longitude at Sea.  August 17, 1796.

"The utility of this invention is, to communicate to the balance an invariable and equal force, notwithstanding the imperfections of the mainspring ...".  Describes and illustrates and escapement with remontoire using two detents.  Pages still uncut.

6. Description of a Substitute for a Crank, for moving a Foot-Lathe, by Mr Joseph Ridley.  1798.

Device illustrated in three drawings.

7. On the Improvement of Time-keepers, by David Rittenhouse, LL.D. President of the Society. 1801.

Describes and illustrates an experimental  type of compound pendulum designed to work with equal precision in different densities of air. 

8. Account of Experiments made on the Files of Citizen Raoul and those of English Manufacture, 1802

Results of comparative tests organised by the French Lyceum of Arts between English files and those of Citizen Raoul.  Among those taking part in the tests were Citizen Balthazard, watchmaker; Citizen Bourdies, watchmaker; Citizen Meyer, watchmaker; Citizen l'Epine, watchmaker; Citizen Bourdier, watchmaker; Citizen Sallot, watchmaker; Citizen Fouverel, watchmaker.

9. Description of a new Escapement for Watches, by Mr John De Lafons.  1802.

Describes and illustrates a new form of detent escapement for chronometers.  Delafons was awarded thirty guineas for this invention. 

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