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Catalogue no: 1492
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Major Paul M. Chamberlain. Others
Total pages: Illustrations: Multiple Language(s): English Publication date: c.1920-1935
Editor: Publisher: See Notes below
Dimensions: 340mm x 250mm Condition: Pages loose, ragged edges
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A collection of articles mostly written by Paul M. Chamberlain and contained loose within a brown folder, some contained within an envelope addressed to Ilbert from Chamberlain.

From a twoAmerican publications including The Jewellers' Circular and The National Jeweller.

Subjects include;

Development of the Escapement

Some Notes on the History of Balance Springs (two copies)

An Arnold Pocket Chronometer

Making Better Watchmakers for America

American Horologists to be Honoured at Coming Convention of Horological Institute of America

Lever Escapement as Made by Breguet

Alarm and Striking Watches (two copies)

The Chamberlain Collection of Watches

Also included is an off print from the "Horological Department".  An article entitled "An Early Chronometer by John Arnold."

A typewritten list (two pages) of articles on watches in various American and European journals over the years 1914-1932.

An illustrated cataloguing system designed by Willard H. Wheeler and Paul M. Chamberlain, expressly for collectors of antique watches to record the feathures of their watches.


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