A brief Account of the Pyramidical-Dial, set up in his Majesty's Privy-Garden, at White-hall, July 24, 1669.

Catalogue no: 1463
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Mathematical
Total pages: 5 Illustrations: 1 Language(s): English Publication date: July, 1758
Editor: Publisher: Unknown
Dimensions: 210mm x 140mm Condition: Good, small damage to engraving
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A description, with pull out engraving, of a large sundial of great complexity, "...one of the most august Things of its Kind that ever was attempted, and contains no less than 73 different Sorts of Dials, ...".

This sundial had long been taken down by the time this was written and the account of it was taken from a book by a Jesuit, Fr. Hall.

Illustrated in a fold-out engraving (290mm x 200mm), "The Grand Pyramidical & Multiform Dial; Set up in the Privy Garden at White Hall. July 24, 1669."

Pages taken from an unknown periodical of the time (possiblt The Gentleman's Magazine) and bound within marbled paper covers.

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