Bonniksen. Timing Lecture. A compilation of articles/material relating to the watchmaker Bahne Bonniksen

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Author(s): Bonniksen and others
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Various articles and leaflets mostly concerning the watchmaker Bahne Bonneksen, stapled between paper covers.  Written in ink on front cover, "Bonniksen. Timing Lecture.

Contents include the following:

1. Patent No. 16, 623, A.D. 1895. Improvements in Tourbillon Watches.

Patent specification and illustration of Andrew Taylor's annular tourbillon.

2. An open printed letter dated December, 1894, from B. Bonniksen "To the Watch Manufacturers of England", extolling the virtues of his "Karrusel" movement and giving particulars of the performance of two of them in the Kew trials.

3. Extract from "The Watchmaker, Jeweller and Silversmith," September 1st, 1896, on "The Karrusel Watch."  The movement described and illustrated.

4. Off print from the 1897 Horological Journal giving details of the results of the watch trials at Kew Observatory for that year in which the majority of the top watches have karrusel movements.

5. Patent specification No. 21,421, A.D. 1892, Improvements in Watches, Clocks and Chronometers. 

Details and illustration of the karrusel escapement.

6. Description of the Bonniksen Karrusel Watch.

A leaflet with colour illustration sent out to major retailers urging them to purchase these watches.

7. The Karrusel Watch.  Identical to 3. above but printed on green paper.

8. "Springing and Timing" at the Horological Institute.  Also, "A Proposed Watchmakers' Guild".

A lecture given by Bonniksen and published in full in The Jeweller and Metalworker, April 1, 1906.

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