Account of experiments made with an invariable pendulum at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, and at Port Bowen, on the eastern side of Prince Regent's Inlet

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Author(s): Henry Foster
Total pages: 70 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: 1826
Editor: Publisher: Royal Society
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An account of experiments to determine the acceleration of the Pendulum in different latitudes

Pages extracted from the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society journal and bound separately between brown paper covers.

This account is one of several similar experiments around this date to record the performance of a pendulum clock and determine the length of a pendulum vibrating seconds at different latitudes.  Frequent reference is made to others who have worked in this field, eg. Captain Henry Keter ( who assisted with preparations for this experiment), Basil Hall, Sir Thomas Brisbane, Mr Goldingham and Captain Sabine.

The maker of the clock used for the experiments is not named but it was a regulator belonging to the Royal Society with a gridiron pendulum suspended on knife edges.  Also used was a marine chronometer by Henry Frodsham.

The author gives much detail of the set up of the timepiece both in Greenwich and at Port Bowen, including the 'house' constructed for the timepiece at the latter location where the author's ship passed the winter of 1824-5, presumably trapped in ice.

The bulk of this article consists of detailed charts recording the performance of the timepiece in both locations. 

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