An account of experiments to determine the acceleration of the Pendulum in different latitudes

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Author(s): Edward Sabine
Total pages: 27 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: 1821
Editor: Publisher: Royal Society
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Observations for ascertaining the length of the Pendulum at Madras in the East Indies,... with the conclusions drawn from the same.

A full account of the experiments using two clocks by Shelton, the same clocks used on Captain Cook's circumnavigation of the globe.

Clocks were set up in four different locations;


Brassa (Shetland Islands)

Hare Island (Greenland)

Melville Island ("in the Polar Sea")

Thus the clocks were tested between latitudes 51.31 and 74.47 and the length of a pendulum vibrating seconds in each was recorded.

Two chronometers were also used in these tests; Arnold No.112 and Parkinson & Frodsham No. 259.

Five pull out charts record the performance of the clocks and chronometers by Transits of the Sun, North and South of the Zenith.

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