Pendulums. An Attempt Towards Obtaining Invariable Measures of Length, Capacity, and Weight, from the Mensuration of Time, Independant of the Mechanical Operations Requisite to Ascertain the Center of Oscillation, or The True Length of Pendulums

Catalogue no: 1518
Dewey No: 681.1124 Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): John Whitehurst
Total pages: 46 Illustrations: 3 Language(s): English Publication date: 1787
Editor: Publisher: The Author
Dimensions: 260mm x 210mm Condition: Good
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An account of experiments to determine the acceleration of the Pendulum in different latitudes

Pamphlet now bound between red hard covers.

The introduction explains the purpose of the experiments with reference to the work of others before the Author.

In the main text, the apparatus designed and used for the experiments is explained and illustrated with three excellent pull-out engravings.

Several charts of results included.

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