Richesse Hologeres de Bale

Catalogue no: 1414
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Alfred Chapuis
Total pages: 9 Illustrations: 15 Language(s): French Publication date: c.1942
Editor: Unknown Publisher: Unknown
Dimensions: 260mm x 205mm Condition: Good, no cover
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Article concerning the horological treasures to be found in Bale (Basle), many to be found in the Musee Historique. Many examples of early Augsburg type Renaissance clocks and clockwatches illustrated including one by Johan Khoren Man and a table astronomical clock by Georg Reinboldt of Stasburg. Also illustrated, "Pendule style Louis XIV, signee Abram Pettremant a Neuchatel 1709." Also a couple of Geneva watches, one made for the China trade. A further 3 page article entitled; "L'anee chronometrique a l'observatoire de Neuchatel, par M.E.Guyot. Final page; "Le service d'observation des chonometres en 1942
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