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Catalogue no: 1385
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 6 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: Dec. 3rd., 1934
Editor: Publisher: Unknown
Dimensions: 250mm x 155mm Condition: 6 pages only, cover missing
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Sale (unknown auction house) with 13 lots of horological interest, as follows; Lots 1-7, the Property of The Baroness De Tuyll; Lot 1. Silver watch by Roget, London, another by Jno. Edmonds, London Lot 2. 3 watches by I.Tarts, T. May and Quare and Horseman (5444), all of London. First two repousse, last enamelled Lot3. Watch by Fly, London, silver and enamelled Lot 4. Silver repousse cased watch by Thomas Duncan, London. Case by D.Cochin (Illustrated in Britten, fig. 292) Lot 5. Silver repousses cased watch by John Travers, London (case by Mauris) Lot 6. Gold repousse cased watch by J.Williamson, London Lot 7. Gold repousse cased watch by Chas. Bosley, London For above lots, Ilbert notes prices realised and draws hallmarks in ink Lot 8. Silver watch by George Prior, London Lot 8a. Gold watch by Thomas Palmer, London Lot 9. Silver watch with gold Turkish dial by Markwick, London Lot 9a. Gold watch by T.Tompion, London (0368), gold repousses case, 1747 Lot 9b. Gold watch by M.Holt, Wigan Lot 10. Chiming Travelling Watch by Brockbank, London Ilbert notes prices realised
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