Catalogue of Objects of Art and Vertu, and Miniatures, Watches and Objects of Vertu

Catalogue no: 1380
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 2 Illustrations: 1 Language(s): English Publication date: July 23rd, 1954
Editor: Publisher: Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd
Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm Condition: 2 pages and photograph only
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Sale with 9 lots of horological interest, as follows; Lot 116. French Dress watch, Hunter case Lot 117. Swiss Watch by Bordier, ALSO, large old English watch with compensated balance by John Arnold, London. (Ilbert notes, "No.33/87, spring detent, gold hairspring, S balance") Lot 118. Large repeating watch by Vulliamy Lot 119. Ladies gold watch and chatelaine, key set with rose diamonds Lot 120. French repeating watch by Leroy & Fils, Palais Royale Lot 121. French watch by Doll Inc. a Paris, interior engraved, "Napoleon a Pauline. (Said to have been given by Napoleon to Pauling Borghese Lot 122. Old English watch by Thos. Thomson, London Lot 123. Louis XVI repeating watch by Fol Fils a Paris; another by Bougier Freres, Geneva Lot 124. German (Renaissance) clock by Johannes Buschman, Augsburg. Hexagonal base with clock in form of globe held aloft by figure of Atlas. (Illustrated) Prices realised noted by Ilbert
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Search terms: Antique Clocks, Antique Watches
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