Catalogue of Art and Veru, Gold watches and Boxes and Miniatures

Catalogue no: 1377
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 22 Illustrations: 0 (horological) Language(s): English Publication date: Oct. 15th, 1951
Editor: Publisher: Christie, Manson & Woods, Ltd.
Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm Condition: Good, cover a bit dirty
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Sale with 36 lots of English pocket watches from the collection of John Vincent, Esq., J.P. Among the watchmakers represented in the sale, the following; John Wilter; T.Vurley, Wisbeach; James Jones; Charles Gretton; John Jeffes; Marke Hawkins, Bury St Edmunds; Isaac Rogers (Turkish market); Ralph Gout (Turkish market); Thomas Savage; Thomas Tompion (2); S.De Charmes; Tho. Mudge & W. Dutton, No.739; James Markwick, No. 3241; George Prior, No.16352; Benj. Gray; Saml. & Robt. Atkins, No. 1841; Isc. Du Hamel, No.654; Jno. Howel, No.583; Demelais; Jno. Smith; Wm. Thompson, No. 443; Jas. Wilson, No. 872; Chas. Cabrier, No.13840; John Archambo, No.1576; Nat. Style, No.741; William Gough, No. 592; Gray & Vulliamy (repousse case by Moser); Chas. Clay; William Scafe, no. 300; William Tomlinson, No.809; John Vitall; James Markwick, No.3789; W,Holloway, No.224; James Reith, No.300; William Webster, No.433 (repeater); William Webster, No.2533 (repeater); Paul Dupin (illustrated in Britten 6th Ed, figs. 315-6); Daniel Quare, No.623 (repeater) Prices realised and purchasers noted in ink, but not by Ilbert
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