Catalogue of Miniatures, Objects of Art and Vertu. With associated letter (see Notes for details)

Catalogue no: 1375
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 16 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: Mar. 18th, 1946
Editor: Publisher: Christie, Manson & Woods, Ltd.
Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm Condition: Good
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Sale with 20 lots of horological interest, all watches, together with a letter to Ilbert from Henry R.Stevens Details of lots as follows; Lot 30. Miniature watch, gold case set with rose diamonds. Lot 31. Repeating Watch by Breguet et Fils, No. 2454 Lot 32. Watch by Francois Gautier, Paris, case by Jean Quin, Paris, c.1755 Lot 33. Watch by Lepine, Paris Lot 34. Watch by Chevalier, Paris Lot 35. Watch by Jodin, Paris Lot 36. Watch in gold case with enamel of cupid Lot 37. Repeating Watch by Lepine Lot 38. Watch by J.Bte. Michod, Paris Lot 39. Repeating watch by Etienne le Noir Lot 40. Watch by John Holmes, London Lot 41. Watch by Wm. Rivers, repousse case, 1778 Lot 42. Repeating Watch by J.Arnold, London Lot 43. Watch by S.Tinker, Leeds, repousse case, 1742 Lot 44. Repeating watch by Thos. Allen, London, repousse case by W.Grose Lot 45. Repeating Watch by J.S.Hubert, London, repousse case by D.Parbury Lot 46. Watch by Tho. Tompion, London, 1700, repousse case Lot 47. Repeating Watch by Jn. Pepys, London, repousse case by W.Grose Lot 48. Repeating Watch by Geo. Graham, London, repousse case by D.Parbury Lot 49. Striking Watch, Turkish market, by Markwick, Markham and Borrell, London Prices realised and purchasers noted by Ilbert Inserted within catalogue is a letter to Ilbert, dated 23/3/1946, from Henry P.Stevens of Beccles. The letter makes clear that the watches in the sale were from his own collection. He gives Ilbert additional details about the following lots; 31,32,40,42,45,46 and 49. Conludes, "The sale has produced a useful little sum to tide over during these hard times."
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Search terms: Antique Watches, Horological Collections
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