Catalogue of Miniatures, Objects of Art and Vertu. With associated letter (details in Notes below)

Catalogue no: 1373
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 16 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: Dec 17th, 1945
Editor: Publisher: Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd
Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm Condition: Good, cover missing
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Sale with 57 lots of horological interest Lots 118-167 form the sale of the collection of the late R.G.MacIver. Among English watchmakers represented are the following; Jno. Lamais; Jno. Willis; Worke, London; Ja. Upjohn, London; Thos. Mudge and Wm. Dutton, London; Spencer & Perkins (pedometer); W. Brown, London; J.Richards, London; D & W Morice, London; West End watch Co; J.Addison, London; Ed. Prior, London; John Shaw, Nolborn; Geo. Cranbrook, London; George Prior, London; G.Etherington, London; Tho. Martin, London; J.Markwick, London; Philip Brown; Windmills, London; P.Godlyman, Hurly; Joseph Tilly, London; Thomas Bale, London; Henry Thornton, London; Will Sheppard, Kempston; H.Killmister, London; Glover, London; H.Harper, London; R.Halsted, London; W.Threlkeld, London; Daniel Quare, London (3); Thomas Hargrave, St Ives; William Hill, Walsingham; Robertus Wood in Fleet Street, London; Eduardus East, Londini; William Parr, London; William Yates fecit; Ro. Grinkin; Jos. Bosley, London; George Graham, London, (2) 1735 and 1713; Daniel De St Leu; Jon. Storr, York, 1777; Tompion, London; Ellicott, London; Thomas Cartwright, London; James Tregent, London; Continental watchmakers as follows; Andre Hessen a Paris; Breguet a Paris (4); Jen Robert Soret; Gilles, Martinoz a Paris; Freres Wiss et Amalric; Baillon a Paris (2); Louis Faure a Naples; Marc Blondel, Naples; R.E.Enderlin, Basle; la Porte, Delft; Piquet a Rennes; Dumont Freres a Bescancon; Louis Ourry a Paris; Avice a Reims; John van Ceulem, Hagae; Johan Georg Bayer, Gr. Glogau; Hubert L'Aine, Amsterdam; Romiley a Paris; Vauchez a Paris, (the case by Jean Ducrollay, Paris, c.1784, Fermiergeneral Henri Clavel). Some comments, prices realised and purchasers noted by Ilbert. Contained within catalogue is a letter, dated 17/1/1946, to Ilbert from Henry Stevens of Beccles, Suffolk. Stevens, a watch collector, thanks Ilbert for his assistance. Also comments on Christies and Sothebys lack of knowledge on watches before making detailed observations on some of the lots in this sale.
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