Catalogue of English Porcelain, Decorative Furniture and Objects of Art

Catalogue no: 1367
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 2 (horology) Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: May 5th, 1938
Editor: Publisher: Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd
Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm Condition: Most pages removed, otherwise good
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Sale with 7 lots of horological interest Lot 60. English Chiming and Musical Bracket Clock by Paul Rimbault, London Lot 61. English Bracket Clock by Isaac Loundes, London Lot 62. English Bracket Clock, basket top, by Joseph Windmills, London Lot 63. English Bracket Clock by Daniel Quare, London Lot 64. English Bracket Clock by Thomas Tompion, London (No.179) Lot 65. William and Mary Marquetry Longcase Clock, by John Wise, London Lot 66. William and Mary Longcase Clock by John Knibb, Hanslap, Buckinghamshire Detailed notes on most of the lots by Ilbert with prices realised.
Room location: Library Extension Cabinet: F Shelf: 5
Search terms: Antique Clocks
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