Catalogue of The Interesting Collection of Watches formed by D.J.Hamilton-Lister, Esq.

Catalogue no: 1361
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 16 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: Mar. 3rd. 1936
Editor: Publisher: Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd
Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm Condition: Good
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There are two identical catalogues selotaped together, the first having Ilbert's record of the prices realised plus purchasers. The second having his notes on the lots. Sale comprised 145 lots. Lots 1-122, Watches. Lots 127-133, Table Clocks. Lots 134-138, Bracket Clocks. Lots 139-141, Chronometers. The few additional lots, mostly scientific instruments. Among the English watches, makers include the following: J. Wainwright, Wellinborough; John Wilter, London; Abra. Weston, Lewes; J.Tarts, London (2); Stand Clark, London; Colston, London; Langin, London; Windmills, London; Sampson, London; Peter Garon, London (2); J.Tomson, London; Edward Prior, London; George Prior, London; R.Parker, London; John Carter, London; Will Quaife, Rye; Tho. Tompion, London (4); Debauffre, London; Samson, London; J.Flint, London; E.Williams, London; Markwick, London; Buschman, London; J.Ilbery, London; Thomas Taylor in Holbourne; Fromanteel and Clark; J.Gordon, London; C.Cabrier, London; William Nodes, London; Ellicott, London (2); John Pyke, London; Eardley Norton, London; J.Snelling, London; Ebenr. Abraham, Olney; H.Stimson, Bath; H.Brown, London; Perigal, London; J.Cowan, Edinburgh; J.Martineau, London; T.Wightman, London; Allan, Fleet St. London; W.Edwards, London; J.Champion, London (2); Rt. Markham, London; Williats, London; Viner, London; W.Grantham, London; John Cannyage, London; W.Cartwright, London; J.Brockbanks, London; A.Butler, Northwick; Among the continental examples, makers include; Breguet a Paris (8); Vaucher a Paris (2); Carre a Chatelleraut; Johann Petris, Barth; Marcou, Amsterdam; Delile, Breuxelles; Berthoud a Paris; Baudet a Paris; Lepine a Paris (3); Jn. Ante Rey et Fils; C. Le Roi a Paris; Gregson a Paris; Romilly a Paris (2); F.Berthaud a Paris; Furet a Paris; Melly Freres; Are. Hessen a Paris; Chevalier & Cochet; Dubois & Comp.; Sim Gounouilhou a Geneve; Fres Lurasco, Amsterdam; Christianus Carroll, Konigsberg; Drovino a Poitiers; Jaques le Veille, Angers; A.B.Bonbruiet a Blois; J.G.Kriedel, Budisson; Domus Villa, Panormi; J.Francois Poncetet, Dresden; Johann Heckhet, Warschau; Avon Daniel Gom; (Lot 106 is a Russian watch with an enamel of the Tsarevitch, said to have belonged to the last Trarina). Among the Table Clocks are examples by the following makers; Antonis Schlen, Voigt; Bendict Furstenfelter, Friburg; Michael Schutz, Riga; Legrange a Paris. Five Bracket Clocks by the following makers; Jonathan Lowndes, Pall Mall, London; Cooley, London; Samuel Fish, London; Alexr. Giroust, London; Jessop, London. Three Chronometers by the following makers; Arnold; Arnold & Dent; Breguet et Fils.
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