Catalogue of Old French Snuffboxes (The Sneyd Heirlooms) and Old French and English Watches, formerly part of The Schloss Collection

Catalogue no: 1355
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 16 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: Apr. 16th, 1920
Editor: Publisher: Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd
Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm Condition: Fragile, some tears
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Lots 55 - 150 all watches from the Schloss Collection. 8 watches are illustrated or mentioned on "Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers" by F.J.Britten Englishe watchmakers represented as follows; John Markham, London; Wm. Wright, London; Higgs and Evans, London; Ellicott, London; Martineau, London; J. Leroux, London; Wm. Story, London; Wm. Thomson, London; Gould, London; Wm. Gording, Dublin; John Grantham; Thos. Cartwright, London; Grantham, London; R.Sanders, London; Daniel Le Count, London; Paul Dupin, London; John Jones, London; Boisson, London; Quare & Horseman, London; J.Champian, London; Wm. Scafe, London; John Wilter, London; John Howell, London; G.J.Gray, London; Henry King, London; Chas. Biefield, London; Thos. White, London; L.Bradley, London; Allen Walker, London; S.Coley, London; Benjamin Booth, Pontefract; James Coupe, London; Rivers and Sons, London; Cabrier, London (2); Robert best, London; Demelais, London; Cowan, Edinburgh; Thos. Agar, London; Henry Harpes; Worke, London; John Whitehurst, Derby; Thomas Tompion, London (2); Gradelle, London; Robert Lockard; James McCabe, London; Markwick Markham, London; Charles Summers, London; P.Jaquet; Raphard, London; George Graham, London; Eduardus East, London; William Ilbery, London. Continental watchmakers as follows; Pierre Soret; Henry Collomby a Huniguen; H. Le Roy, Paris; B.Baillon, Paris; Romilly a Paris (2); Gregson, Paris; Jacque Barberet, Paris; D.O.Pramare; J.Pubie, Paris; G. Beaunais, Paris; Barthelemy Mace a Blois; Johannes Van Ceulen, Hague; Jourlet a St Quentin; David Luce a Rouen; J. Le Roy a Paris (3); C.Moricand, Geneve; Grigson a Paris; L'Epine a Paris (3); Breguet , Paris; P.Michau, Paris; Terrot and Thuillier; Honore Lintaud, a Marseilles; G.L.Argaud a Paris; Michelin; Puhumet, Paris; Goullons a Marseilles; Kessen a Paris. Prices realised noted by Ilbert On separate piece of paper ( Compliment slip of E.Hahn & Co), ilbert lists 8 lots with prices and total sum - lots 68, 73, 79, 93, 94, 98, 136, 140. Possible purchases?
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