Catalogue of the Horological Collection formed by Henry Levy, Esq., deceased, late of 11 Hyde Park Place

Catalogue no: 1353
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 13 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: Nov. 27th, 1917
Editor: Publisher: Messrs. Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd
Dimensions: 250mm x 160mm Condition: Fragile, cover dirty
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Catalogue contains details of 110 lots of horological interest, including watches, German Renaissance clocks, Japanese clocks and astralabes. Makers of watches include the following; James Shearwood, London; W.Holloway, London; Daniel Quare (2), London; F.Berthoud, Paris; Jaques Cartier; Jaques Joly; David Ramsey; R.Barberet, St Fleurs; J.J.Serner, Loubeck; Benj. Gray, London; W.Webster, London; P. Graet, Lintz; Neuwenhof, Amsterdam; Martinot, Paris; H.Mott, Drury Lane; J. Charleson, London; Peter Garon, London (described in HJ Nov 1899); Graham (movt. By Tompion); Breguet No. 148; Breguet No.2555; J.Hubert, Rouens; J.R.Arnold (repeating chronometer); J.Weaver, London; Windmills clock-watch; Jan Bockels, The Hague; George Graham (2); J.Archambo, London; John Elllicott, London; Jan Ebsworth, London; Gudin, Paris; Bordier, Geneve; William Hughes, London (clock-watch from the Summer Palace, Pekin); M.Dergan; Breguet (montre a tact); Le Keeh, London; Isaac Forfait, Sedan; A.Cumming, London; Cabrier, London (2); Viner, London; Clary; Emanuel & Co, London; James Tregent, London; F.Berthoud, London (repeating clock-watch); G.Leekey, London; Caron, Paris; Paul Hubert; A.Enderling, a Bale; A. Colomby; J.Robert Soret; D. Buschmann, Augsburg; Markwick, markhem, Perigal, London; Hunt & Roskell, London; Breguet et Fils, No. 2122; Breguet No. 846; Breguet No L61 (revolutionary chjaracters); Simon Decharmes; Breguet et Fils No. 170; Ingold, Palais Royale; Duchene et Fils; E.Tavernier; N.Droyer, Hamburg; William Nodes, London; Vulliamy, London; Windmills, London; John Taylor, London; Andre Picnon, Lyons; Francois Nawe at London; Thuret, Paris; Thomas Mudge, London 1761; Jan Baptiste Baillon, Paris; Gay, Turin; Breguet No. 4822; Louis Franceschi, Turin; Thos. Swetman, London; J.Le Roi, Paris; Thos. Vogl, Augsburg; Thos. Bailey, London; Wolverstone in ye Poultry; Marc Thomegay; J.Gregoire, a Blois; Hierinois, Frinberg; Breguet, No. 603 (stop watch); Among the clocks, makers include; Rolland a Luxemburg; Machal, Perth (mystery clock); Arnold Finchell (illuminating water clock) Also included are 2 astralabes, one by Butterfield. Ilbert notes prices realised and purchasers
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