Catalogue of Fine Objects of Vertu, Watches, Ivories, Miniatures, Gold Snuff Boxes and Works of Art by Carl Faberge

Catalogue no: 1346
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Total pages: 35 Illustrations: 1 (horological) Language(s): English Publication date: Oct. 28th, 1954
Editor: Publisher: Sotheby & Co.
Dimensions: 245mm x 150mm Condition: Good
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Sale with 44 lots of horological interest. Details as follows; English and Continental Watches (Lots 72-81) Makers include; Thomas Grignion, London (duplex); Grant, London; John Kentish Jr., London no. 1107 (quarter repeat); Cornelius Harbet (pre-balance spring, single hand, calendar) The Property of a Gentleman, Lots 82-3 Watches by the following makers; Hamilton & Roux, Paris, no.1000; Bonbruict a Blois; The Stock of Percy Webster Early English Silver Watches. Makers include; Wilert, London (repeater); Delander, London; Lesturgeon, London; Shepard, London (pendulum watch); Romilly, Paris; Moulinie Bautte & Co., Geneva (repeater); Freres Veigneur, Geneva; Marchand Fils, Paris (repeater); Vaucher, Paris; Le Roy, Paris (self wind, calendar). 18th Century English Gold Watches. Makers include; Breguet No.4754; Savory Farrand & Co., Geneva; Ben Booth, Pontefract; John Deards, London; Wakelin & Taylor, London; Jefferys & Jones, London; Rundell & Bridge, London (repeater); D.Herbert, London (repeater) Lot 160. A Very Fine Swiss Gold and Enamel Singing bird Box and Watch (illustrated) Ilbert notes on condition and proices realised. Official Buyers List attached to front cover.
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