Catalogue of English Glass, Chinese Mirror Pictures, Tapestry, Clocks, and Fine English Furniture

Catalogue no: 1339
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 20 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: 31st Oct. 1952
Editor: Publisher: Sotheby & Co.
Dimensions: 245mm x 150mm Condition: Good
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Sale with 21 lots of horological content., 8 of them (Lots 60-67) the property of the late C.T.Maxwell, Esq. Details as follows; Lot 60. Chiming Bracket Clock, mahogany case. Lot 61. Chiming bracket clock with pull repeat and verge escapement by Joseph Lum of London Lot 62. An early skeleton Clock (condition comments by Ilbert) Lot 63. A French lyre-shaped Clock Lot 64. Musical and Automata Clock in Adam style ebonised and ormolu case by J.H.Borrell. (condition comments by Ilbert) Lot 65. Skeleton Clock by French of Royal Exchange Lot 66. Congrieve (sic) Skeleton Clock ("Duplicate of mine", Ilbert) Lot 67. Marquetry cased, month duration longcase clock by William Cattel, London Lot 68. Regency Bracket Clock, enemel dial, arch top Lot 69. 18th century country made wall timepiece by Gabriel and Rochard of Coventry Lot 70. Directoire ormolu Mantel Clock by Charlea of Paris Lot 71. Scottish Regency Bracket Clock by John Garlty of Aberdeen Lot 72. Verge escapement bracket clock by Dollis-Rollison of Halton Lot 73. Verge escapement bracket clock by Edm. Wright of London Lot 74. Small wall clock of Louis XVI style Lot 75. Walnut longcase clock by John Howell of London Lot 76. Walnut longcase clock by William Grimes of London (description given matches the clock now in the BHI collection) Lot 77. Unusual verge and alarm wall clock, striking on 4 bells with moon and automata Lot 78. 17th century longcase clock by Charles Gretton in fleete street, marquetry case with bolt and shutter maintaining. Lot 79. Walnut cased longcase clock by Philip Constantin of London Lot 80. A Bracket Timepiece with pull quarte repeat by Nicholas Massy Ilbert note inside shows that he left bids on Lots 62, 65 and 66 of
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