Catalogue of Astronomical Instruments, Portrait Miniatures, Objects of Vertu, Etc.

Catalogue no: 1333
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Total pages: 9 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: Mar. 17th, 1938
Editor: Publisher: Sotheby & Co.
Dimensions: 245mm x 150mm Condition: Good
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Sale largely comprises collections of sundials, astrolabes and other scientific instruments. Lots 1-38, the Property of Monsieur Henri Michel, 54 Rue de Fenbosch, Brussels. These include several sundials, both permanenet and portable, by well known makers including the following; D.Beringer; Reinman, Nurnberg; B.Battini; Charles Bloud, Dieppe; Johann Willebrand, in Augsburg; Josep Toaldus; Butterfield; Barradelle, Paris; C.Langlois, Paris; Nic. Bion, Paris; Chapotot, Paris; Norry. Other instruments in the Michel collection include Circumferenters, a Compass, Recipiangles, a Trigometer by Iobst. Burgi, a Planetarium by Martin, Reflectors, a Refractor, Celestial Globes and an Astralabe c. 1350. Also two Augsburg Renaissance clocks. Other lots include more portable sundials in silver, brass and ivory and an Armillary Sphere. Ilbert notes prices realised and purchasers of some lots.
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