Catalogue of Objects of Vertu, Oriental Ivories, Watches, Miniatures, Jewels, Etc.

Catalogue no: 1331
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 6 (horological) Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: 17th Feb. 1938
Editor: Publisher: Sotheby & Co.
Dimensions: 245mm x 150mm Condition: Good
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The bulk of the horological lots are made up of the Property of Capt. E.L.Gruning, 74 Bedford Court Mansions, W.C. (Lots 124-157). Several lots with 2 or more watches or movements. Among the watches and movements sold are examples by the following makers: Barwise, Breguet, Dwerrihouse & Carter, Eardley Norton, Viner, Tregent, McCabe, Hornby, Tompion & Banger, Prior, Mudge & Dutton, Ralph Gout (stop watch), Markwick Markham, Ellicott, Tobias Katzenberger, Courvoisier,James Cox, Quare, John Pepys, Robert Molyneux, P & A Guye. Also in this section are 2 bracket clocks, one by Johannes Van Ceulen, Hague, and the second (musical) by William Story, London. Final lot is a barometer in walnut case by Dan. Quare. Ilbert notes prices realised and purchasers of some of these lots. 5 other lots of watches and a pocket sundial.
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