Newspaper cuttings of Horological Interest

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Total pages: 6 Illustrations: 2 Language(s): English Publication date: c.1925-c.1945
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Six cuttings taken from mostly unknown newspapers with horological interest. Details as follows; 1. "Strange Taxes. Iniquitous Impositions in the Old Days". Dated January 31st, 1925, this is a brief article on the 1797 tax on clocks and watches together with further details of the Hearth and Window Tax. Includes portrait of William Pitt. 2. "A Pre-Copernican Clock". A short letter with photograph, from Geoffrey R. Williams, concerning the astronomical clock at Wimborne Minster 3. "The Watch and the Hymn. A Norfolk Church Coincidence". A brief humorous story 4. "37 shilling watch was first-time luck". From the Daily Express of 8/2/1944, a brief account of a lady's purchase of a watch at auction for 37 shillings. Discovers the watch is a perpetual calendar example by Breguet 5. "One-Hand Clocks". Letter from F.B.Knowles of Stratford on Avon concerning single hand longcase clocks 6. "World in Too Big a Hurry. Ruled by Clocks says Fijian". Reaction to city life in Melbourne by a Fijian missionary.
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