Pages of horological interest from different 19th century publications

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Six different pages taken from 19th century publications. Details as follows; 1. "Curious Clock". Article with engraved image of the clock constructed by Isaac Habrecht, anno 1589 2. "The Astronomical Clock at Strasbourg". Article with engraved image of this famous clock. Written c.1850 3. "Watch of King Charles 1". Article with 3 engraved images of this watch and key which was given by the King to Sir Thomas Herbert on the morning of the King's execution. The watch had recently been loaned to the Exhibition of Medieval Art at the Society of Arts in 1850. 4. "The Sultan Abdul Medschid's Watch". An article with engraved image taken from and 1844 publication. A good description is given of this highly decorative repeating watch by Messrs. Hart and Son 5. "A Watch of the Seventeenth Century". An article from The Illustrated Magazine of Art with engraved images of a watch invented by Beaumarchais together with chain, key and seal. Brief metion of Caron's escapement and triumph of Beaumarchais.
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