Some Old English Bracket and Long-Case Clocks

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Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): F.J.Britten
Total pages: 7 Illustrations: 8 Language(s): English Publication date: Nov., 1905
Editor: Publisher: The Magazine of Fine Arts
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An historical overview of this subject beginning with the Holbein portrait of Sir Thomas More and his Family (not illustrated) and its proof of the existence of chamber clocks at that time. Continues with the Lantern Clock before coming on to the subject of the article. Mention is made of the great makers, technological improvements and artistic innovations. Does not venture beyond the end of the 18th century. Photographs as follows; 1. 16th century chamber clock with "Striking Jack" figure on top 2. 3 lantern clocks by Thomas Dyde, Jasper Lugg and John Crucefix 3. Quarter striking ebonised bracket clock by Daniel Quare 4. Double basket top bracket clock by Joseph Green, North Shield 5. Longcase clock in "Bird and Flower" marquetry case, by J. Lowndes 6. Early longcase clock in marquetry case, by Edward East, 1, 1/4 seconds pendulum 7. Longcase clock in the Heppelwhite style by Thomas Clare, c.1780 8. Longcase clock in "Seaweed" or "Scroll" marquetry case by J. Willson The 4 longcase clocks and the bracket clock by Quare are from the Wetherfield Collection. Also, an advertisement for a "Handsome Solid Tortoise-shell Fronted Electric Light Clock, beautifully inlaid with Sterling Silver,
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