An Early Chapter on the Lever Escapement. Also, other horology related articles, see Notes

Catalogue no: 1275
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Major Paul M. Chamberlain. Others
Total pages: 2 + 7 Illustrations: 1 + 14 Language(s): English Publication date: Feb., 1926
Editor: Publisher: The Jeweller's Circular
Dimensions: 295mm x 230mm Condition: Good
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Several articles on horological subjects from this American magazine. In Chamberlain's article, the history of the lever escapement is told from its earliest phase, mainly with reference to a 1792 pamphlet entitled; "An Answer to a Pamphlet entitled "A Narrative of Facts" lately published by Mr Thomas Mudge Junior relating to some Timekeepers constructed by his Father Mr Thomas Mudge." Includes much comment on the rivalry between Mudge and Emery. Also a photograph of the portrait of Count von Bruhl Also in this magazine; 1. Watch and Clock Industry of the Black Forest. A single page report on the state of the Black Forest industry 2. The Horological Quetionnaire. How to make a cutter to duplicate a steel ratchet wheel 3. Retired Watchmaker's Modern Workshop Produces Many Inventions. A report on the workshop of J.P.Stevens of Atlanta, Ga., with 7 photographs of lathes and attachments either made or modified including one for drilling the holed for timing screws around the periphery of watch balance wheels. 4. Watchmaking as a Vocation by W.H.Semelius 5. Compensation Lucidly Demonstrated. Details of an ingenious device invented for this purpose by E.A.Marsh. Includes 6 illustrations.
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