"Hobbies", Clock Number

Catalogue no: 1273
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Several - see Notes
Total pages: 66 Illustrations: 23 Language(s): English Publication date: Jan., 1937
Editor: Pearl Ann Reeder Publisher: Hobbies, The magazine for Collectors
Dimensions: 290mm x 225mm Condition: Good
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The Clock Number of the American "Hobbies" magazine containing a number of notes and articles on horological subjects as follows; 1. Fragments from Father Time's Notebook (Courtesy Elgin National Watch Company). 2+ pages of horological miscellany consisting of tit-bits of clock and watch history from prehistoric times to the 18th century 2. The Willard Clock Makers by Eleanor Willard Hudson. 2 pages with photograph of the Willard homestead 3. The Old Wooden Clock in the Attic. A report on a visit to "the old clock tinker and collector" C.D.Collins of New Hampshire. Various American clocks described including and exhibition piece, "Clock of America" (illustrated) with automata which depicts historical events in the development of the Unisted States. 4. My Old Clocks, by Rev. Gustaf Erikson. A description of some Sewdish clocks. 5. The James Arthur Collection of Clocks and Watches. Its Genesis and Progress, by D.W.Hering, Curator. A description of this collection donated to New York University. 2 illustrations, a 17th century German table clock and a Dutch stoelklok 6. Boulle Work Employed on Clocks, by Ludwig K. Eppler. Brief article on this subject with illustration of clock and stand made by Andre Charles Boulle. 7. A "Time"-ly Pursuit. Watch Keys for a Hobby, by Clifford C. Robinson. Brief article on this subject with illustration 8. Historic Watches in the Morgan Collection. Brief article with illustrations of 6 watches/timepieces. 9. Ye Olde English Water Clocks. Description with three examples illustrated of water clocks purporting to be 17th century English. (In fact they are 20th century, unknown to the author) 10. The Hancock Clock by Paul W. Savage. Description and photograph of longcase clock by Bowley, London presented to the American Antiquarian Society 11. Cartoon published by Currier & Ives in 1884 showing thief making off with clock then caught by police. Entitled, "Wound Up - Run Down" 12. The Huygens Stamp of the Netherlands by Pennington Penn. Details of postal stamp issued in 1928 commemorating the work of Christian Huygens Van Zuylichem. 13. Timepieces through Three Centuries, Describing Six Examples. Exaples described and illustrated as follows: Black Forest wall clock; English Lantern clock; Americal Acon clock; Seth Thomas Pillar & Scroll clock; Swedish Mora longcase clock; Black Forest clock 14. Time-Recording Throughout the Ages by William Gummer, London. Describes different types of timepiece from sundials onwards. 15. Antique Watch Dials by Frederick T. Widmer. Very brief article with 7 gold and silver examples illustrated 16. Well-Known Watch Collections (List compiled by Major Paul M. Chamberlain in 1915). A list of 122 watch collections, both public and private, in Europe and America. 17. Clocks by Riley Whiting, by Earle T. Goodnow. Very brief details if this Winchester, Connecticut maker. 18. The J. Cneney Wells Collection. Brief article on this collection of American clocks. 19. Old Clocks are Music to Noted Singer. Details and illustration of some of the clocks collected by the Danish soprano, Mme. Povla Frijsh. 20. John Muir's Alarm Clock, by Emileen Stanfield. A description and illustration of this large, eccentric clock which caused a bed to collapse at an appointed hour. Now (1937) at the Wisconsin State Historical Museum. 21. Astronomical Ship Chronometer, by Henry Schottler, Sr. Description and illustration of this George Margetts chronometer, made by order of the East India Trading Corporation in 1780
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