Early European Automatons - 2 parts

Catalogue no: 1261
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Wolfgang Born
Total pages: 14 Illustrations: 24 Language(s): English Publication date: Sep/Nov, 1937
Editor: Publisher: The Connoisseur
Dimensions: 300mm x 230mm Condition: Good
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A lengthy article over two issues of the magazine and concentrating mainly on south German automata of the 16th/17th century but embracing others as well. Includes a history of the origin and development of automata and is well illustrated throughout. Photographs Part 1 as follows: 1. Table automaton. Neptune on a turtle. Late 17th century 2. Moving tabel clock; St George and Dragon. Augsburg, c.1600 3. Clock with moving figures of oriental potentate on horse with attendants. Augsburg?. Early 17th century 4. Table clock with moving figures. South German, c. 1600 5. The Potter with automaton wheel. J.C.Kohler, Dresden, early 18th century 6. Magician automaton. Henri Maillardet, c.1800 7. Astronomical clock with automata. Philippus Imss, Turbingen, 1555 8. Al Gazari's water clock (illustration), c.1200 9. Tower of Babel table clock. Hans Schlottheim, Augsburg, 1602 10. Musical automaton in the form of a tower. Augsburg? C.1600 Photographs Part 2 as follows: 1. Moving table clock in form of Diana riding on a centaur. Augsburg, c.1600 2. Al Gazari's automaton called The Umpire, c.1200 (illustration) 3. Moving tabel clock. Elephant with a drummer and archer shooting arrow. Probably Augsburg, 1587 4. Al Gazari's automaton water clock in form of an elephant, c.1200 (illustration) 5. Moving table automaton in the form of a chariot. Probably Augsburg, early 17th century 6. Moving table automaton in the form of a ship. Hans Schlottheim? Augsburg 1581 7. Engraving of a Clepsydra from work on horology by Oronce Finet, Paris 1560 8. Al Gazari's water clock in form of boat, c.1200 (illustration) 9. Al Gazari's floating automaton in form of boat, c.1200 (illustration) 10. Clock with movable figures. Augsburg? Early 17th century 11. Table clock in the form of a temple. J.Trebler, 17th century 12. Hans Wurst table clock. Early 17th century 13. Drummer automaton, Dresden,1723. 14. Writing automaton, 1760 Also, in Sept. 1937 issue, photograph of a William 3rd longcase clock with Tompion movement. Ilbert's pencil annotation indicates it is a quarter repeat with a replaced hour hand and was purchased by Webster for
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