Clocks by Thomas Tompion in American Collections

Catalogue no: 1258
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Edward Wenham
Total pages: 5 Illustrations: 9 Language(s): English Publication date: April, 1935
Editor: Publisher: The Connoisseur
Dimensions: 300mm x 230mm Condition: Good
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Before describing a number of Tompion clocks in America, the author argues that the interest in Tompion's work (and other great English clockmakers) now shown by American collectors began as a result of the sale of the Wetherfield Collection in 1928 when over 100 clocks were sold to Americans, 10 by Tompion. 8 Tompion clocks are described and illustrated. Photographs of Tompion clocks as follows: 1. Brass lantern clock, c.1675 1. Ebonised bracket clock with repeat, c.1705 3. Ebonised bracket clock, c.1700 4. Walnut longcase clock 5. Walnut longcase clock 6. Bracket clock with silver basket top, c.1690 7. Details of the dial of clock in photo 5. 8. Month duration longcase clock in burr walnut 9. 8 day longcase clock in burr walnut Also, 4 advertisements with horological content as follows: 1. Owen Evan-Thomas Ltd., 20 Dover Street, London, W.1. Description and photograph of an English mahogany bracket clock with original bracket by Henry Sanderson, Strand, London 2. John Mason, 36 High Street, Rotherham. Description and photograph of miniature lantern clock by Tompion 3. James Oakes, 59/60 Old Bailey, E.C.4. Description and photograph of longcase clock with verge escapement by Johannes Knibb, Oxon 4. Ernest Watkins, 51 Carey Street, London. Description and photograph of repeating bracket clock by Tompion, No. 368
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