The Tzar's Collection of Old English Watches

Catalogue no: 1232
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): E. Alfred Jones
Total pages: 7 Illustrations: 5 Language(s): English Publication date: August, 1910
Editor: Publisher: The Connoisseur
Dimensions: 280mm x 220mm Condition: Good
Related titles: Horological Journal, Vol. L1X, March,1917, pp.81-2 Related library records:
A history and description of this collection begun by Catherine the Great in the 18th century and added to subsequently. 14 watches illustrated in the five photographs within the text. All watches shown with chatelaines, keys and other decorative features. Many of the watch cases are set with precious stones. Examples illustrated are by the following watchmakers: Robert Hynam (Horloger de la Cour St. Petersburg) Serre Godfrie Poy Joseph Dudds Sam Walker Markwick Markham Henry Thornton John Ellicott Quare and Horseman Dufour
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