Fabrique D'Horlogerie. B.-H. Wagner. Collin. Chateau & Fils, Successeurs

Catalogue no: 1219
Dewey No: Subject(s): Catalogues
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 160 Illustrations: Multiple Language(s): French Publication date: 1887
Editor: Publisher: Collin
Dimensions: 180mm x 135mm Condition: Generally good, pages yellowed, some staining
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Full Title page as follows; Fabrique D'Horlogerie B.-H.Wagner. Fondee en 1790, Rue du Cadran Collin. Chevalier de la Legion D'Honneur Chateau & Fils, Successeurs Bureaux, Magasins et Ateliers de Paris. Rue Montmartre, 118 Usine D'Ebauches de la Combe Noiret a Foncine-Le-Haut (Jura) 1887 A fully illustrated catalogue (no prices) detailing the products of this company, the first 77 pages describing and illustrating the horological products. These include Public (turret) clocks, Master clock systems (Unification de L'Heure), Public clock dials, Turrets for clocks and bells, Carillons, Regulator timepieces and clocks, Railway regulators, Ships' public clocks (Pendules de Marine Pour Salons), Sundials, Chronograph clocks and watches (Pour le Reglage des Horloges, des Pendules et des Montres) The remaining pages, 78-160, describe and illustrate other products such as telephones, lightning conductors, lifts and turnstyles. Some products include horological devices, including Fluviographes, clocking-in timepieces (Controleurs de Presence) and program units.
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