The Crystal Clock

Catalogue no: 1218
Dewey No: Subject(s): Electrical Horology
Author(s): W.A.Marrison
Total pages: 11 Illustrations: 10 Language(s): English Publication date: Aug. 1930
Editor: Publisher: Bell Telephone System
Dimensions: 230mm x 150mm Condition: Good
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Transcript of lecture given by Marrison to the National Acadamy of Sciences, Washington D.C., on 29th April, 1930 Cover page reads; Bell Telephone System Technical Publications. August 1930. Monograph B-505 The Crystal Clock by W.A.Marrison, Bell Telephone Laboratories. A Description of a New Clock Utilizing the Vibration of a Quartz Crystal Instead of a Pendulum and Providing Means for the Precision Measurement of Time and Time Interval Publication includes 4 photographs and 6 diagrams On rear cover; Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated 463 West Street, New York
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