Hints on the Installation and Maintenance of Gents' of Leicester Controlled Electric Clock System

Catalogue no: 1205
Dewey No: Subject(s): Electrical Horology
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 16 Illustrations: 7 Language(s): English Publication date: c.1950
Editor: Publisher: Gents' of Leicester
Dimensions: 240mm x 185mm Condition: Outer cover missing, pages torn down spine, some missing
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Publication 246E Topics covered in this pamphlet are in three sections as follows; 1. Installing; Fixing the Master Clock; Current Supply; Calculating Voltage Required; Accumulators for Waiting Train Tower Clock Movements; Wiring; Fixing Slave Clocks; Setting Individual Slave Clocks;Removing or Adding a Slave Clock; Operation of Master Clock; Summer Time Change; Programme Instruments; C.69 Adjustable Type; C.68 Non-adjustable Type; Signal Duration; Setting a Programme Instrument; Time Recorders fitted with Reflex Control; Fitting Reflex Control; Time Recorders fitted with Propelments. 2. Maintenance Circuit; Tracing Faults; Fault Finding from the Master Clock; Complete Stoppage in the System; Sudden Gaining; Oiling the Master Clock; Adjusting the Master Clock; Adjusting Slace Clocks; Oiling Slave Clocks; Care of Current Supply Equipment; Charging Rates for Accumulators. 3. Tower Clocks Heavy Duty Slave Movements; Waiting Train Tower Clock Movements; Advancing a Waiting Train Movement; Waiting Train Power Magnet Supply; Circuit Faults; Gaining; Losing. Some pages (17-20) missing
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