Electric Impulse & Synchronous Clocks

Catalogue no: 1203
Dewey No: Subject(s): Electrical Horology
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 16 Illustrations: 35 Language(s): English Publication date: c.1945
Editor: Publisher: Gents' of Leicester
Dimensions: 245mm x 185mm Condition: Good, punched holes for ring binder
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A pamphlet probably published at the end of the 2nd World War. Title page states; "Book 5, Section 1 & 7 (Abridged Edition 5)" Abridged List; Owing to war conditions, it became necessary to reduce the number of different designs to a minimum. These designs are now being extended so that in due course the former comprehensive range will again be available. This list gives, as far as possible, the types of Clocks and allied equipment in production at the time of going to press. Pages 3-16 give descriptions, illustrations and prices for the range of Gents clocks as follows; 1. The Impulse Transmitter. C6 Transmitter, C7 Transmitter (not illustrated) 2. Impulse Clock Movements, C9. Descriptions of Types S,B and W 3. Impulse Wall Clocks. The C88, C36, C110, C15, C24, C11, C335, C49, C32, C33. 4. Impulse Contact Makers (Programme units), C69, C68 5. Duration Contacts (Duration Relay and Sub-Transmitting Relay C63) 6. "Reflex" Pendulum Control C104 7. Current Supply - Service Mains. C150 Trickle Charging Board (A.C.) and C153 (D.C.) 8. Accumulators. C6543 and C656. High Efficiency Dry Cell C154 9. Synchronous Clocks, C111, C201, C198, C219, C269, C246, C261, C263 10. Contact Maker, (Synchronous) C265 11. Relays for operating "Start-and-Cease-Work" Sounders 12 Transformers
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