Instructions for Fixing, Operating and Maintenance. The "Pul-Syn-Etic" System

Catalogue no: 1202
Dewey No: Subject(s): Electrical Horology
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 12 Illustrations: 8 Language(s): English Publication date: c.1930
Editor: Publisher: Gents' of Leicester
Dimensions: 245mm x 185mm Condition: Fragile, covers dirty, has been in ring binder
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Leaflet 242 Title page gives address as Faraday Works, Leicester. Contents of leaflet as follows; 1. The Transmitter (Position, Fixing, Plumbing Upright, How it Operates, Regulating, Regulating the System, Adjusting, Locating Faults). 2. Summer Time Act 3. Battery Power 4. Weak Battery Warning Bell 5. "Waiting Train" Battery 6. The Impulse Clock (Fixing, Setting to Time), Removal, Adjusting, Programme Ringing). 7. Line Wires and Wiring 8. Oil 9. "Start and Cease Work" Signals 10. Programme Ringing 11. Reflex Control 12. Faults
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