Church and Turret Clocks

Catalogue no: 1192
Dewey No: Subject(s): Catalogues
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 16 Illustrations: 11 Language(s): English Publication date: c.1920
Editor: Publisher: Wm. Potts & Sons Ltd.
Dimensions: 250mm x 150mm Condition: Good, slightly dog-eared
Related titles: Potts and Sons, by Michael Potts Related library records:
Title page as follows; Wm. Potts & Sons Ltd., Clock Makers: Head Office: Guildford Street, Leeds. Factory: 1,2 & 3 Butts Court, Leeds, Yorks. And at 75, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle-on Tyne. Pages 2-8 include testimonials and lists of locations (churches, town halls etc.) which have been supplied with a Potts clock. Pages 9-15 give descriptions and illustrations of the type of turret clocks manfactured by Potts, including the "largest clock movement in the Provinces: St. Nicholas' Cathedral, Newcastle-on Tyne." Other clocks as follows; 1. No. 15. Quarter Chime Clock, Double Three-Legged Gravity Escapement. 2. No. 11. Hour Striking Clock, Double Three-Legged Gravity Escapement. 3. No. 7. Turret Timepiece, Double Three-Legged Gravity Escapament. 4. No. 3. Pin Wheel Dead-Beat Turret Timepiece. 5. No. 9. Hour Striking Clock, Graham's Dead-Beat Escapement 6. No. 2. Graham's Dead-Beat Turret Timepiece. Final page is a questionnaire for propective turret clock purchasers, designed to make the task of providing a quotation easier.
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